Thursday, May 8, 2008


Industrial textiles.
Textiles incorporating Dyneema are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. In the chemical industry, for example, Dyneema is used to improve the lifetime of the filtration cloth in batch centrifuge filtration units, enhancing safety and reducing costs. Dyneema is also used in the warp of compost tunnels, creating an open textile structure that lets in the air and microbes necessary to the process, and providing the strength required to move the heavy compost. In the forestry industry, workers rely on Dyneema chainsaw chaps to protect them from serious injury: these protective chaps are so strong that a chain saw will cut out almost immediately upon contact.
Dyneema is also used in protective gloves and aprons.Yachting Sails,Protective Sportswear and Mushroom cultivation.The Denium grade used are - SK60,SK65,& SK75.

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