Friday, May 23, 2008

[ KETEX and Technical Textiles.]

Research and Development has been a major focus of KETEX. It believes in close co-operation with its customers to develop new products .Its ongoing R&D by its dedicated team of qualified personnel has yielded results and achievements to be proud of.
KETEX has developed a technique where it allows to weave very thin fiber glass fabric of 1.7 mil(.04 mm) & 1.2 mil(.03 mm) thick without any sizing. This enables KETEX to maintain the L.O.I of its fabrics to less than 2%, which helps in better absorption of resin and electrical insulation. Desized and Silane treated fabrics manufactured by KETEX are particularly suitable for this sheet lamination.
KETEX was first to develop Texturised Fiber Glass yarns braided with Brass wire for clutch facings after a continuous effort of about 2 yrs.
KETEX recently launched two more products for filtration applications. Combo bags that is used for better metal distribution of molten Aluminum during filtration and Fiber Glass filter fabrics for pulse jet applications.
KETEX has also developed Woven Tubular Bags (Gauntlets) with Polyester and Polypropylene blended yarn for application in submarine batteries.
KETEX has successfully undergone laboratory trials for the production of Acid Leached Fiber Glass fabrics and Polyamic acid.
KETEX is also actively participating with Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA in their R & D for Accelerator Magnets with React & Wind High Temperature Superconductor. We are supplying them highly specialised Fibre Glass tape for insulation of cables.

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