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[ Technical Textiles - Silk "The Queen of Fibers"]

Silk products for spinning, weaving, paper making and craft work.
[Let it be in "Medtech"]
Much more than "just some pretty colors"' Naturally Dyed silks have proven therapeutic value. Beyond the joy of their beauty, Naturally Dyed silks bring healthy, healing, energy to whatever part of the body where they are worn.
Naturally Dyed colors are created from plants, minerals and/or insects. All of the dyes have therapeutic uses as botanicals (herbs), or as homeopathic (diluted), or as nutritional supplements (minerals).
Twenty five years of clinical results have established the following recommended uses:
Cold Extremities: Choose warm colors such as gold, golden brown, salmon, orange, coral or rust. These colors are also good for people with arthritis, diabetes, or any condition of impaired circulation.
Hot Extremities: Choose cooling colors such as Indigo blue, blue green, blue purple, silver or Grey. Also lavender Grey or light purple might be tries if these colors especially appeal to you.
Excessive heat in the feet may manifest as sweat, odor or itching. These colors are also good for people with overexcited nerves, as manifested in tics, shaking's, epilepsy or headaches.
Colors dyed with Natural Vat Indigo have the advantage of the botanical value of Indigo to alleviate itching, and the homeopathic value of Indigo to calm nerves.
Immune System: The following dyestuffs have value as immune stimulator's when taken as herbs: Fustic (golds and most greens); Catechu/Cutch (browns). Wearing silk dyed with these dyes will assist your other immune stimulating therapies.
Spiritual Development; Relaxation Lavenders, purples, light Indigos.
Love and development of Compassion: Light pinks and rose tones, also corals.
"Grounding" = Focus on the Here and Now; Material Development: Browns, dark golds, soft greens, mossy golden greens, dark grey and black.
Note: These recommendations are for suggested support therapy and trial only. "NO MEDICAL CLAIMS OF ANY KIND ARE BEING MADE". Please work with your Naturopathic Physician for all medical conditions.
Your skin is the largest, most absorptive organ of your body. What you put on the outside, ends up inside.
Chemical dyes are synthetically constructed from petroleum. They are major poisons. Natural Dyes are extracts from therapeutic plants (madder, indigo, brazilwood, logwood, fustic, catechu/cutch), insects (cochineal), and naturally occurring minerals (alum, iron, tin) needed by the body in trace amounts. Natural Dyes have been used by mankind for at least ten thousand years. Chemical dyes are a bi-product of the petroleum industry and have only existed for 146 years.
When the question of fastness is raised, note that all museum textiles predating 1856 are Naturally Dyed. After 146 or more years their colors remain rich, vibrant, beautiful and inspiring. The Naturally Dyed colors of silk dyed by Master Natural Dyer Cheryl Kolander are chosen, created and applied to achieve the same excellent fastness. The hand-wash care instructions for the silk they are dyed upon will preserve the colors as well as the fiber.
Your Naturally Dyed silks are precious treasures. Care for them with Love, and in return they will assist you in your good health.
Cheryl Kolander, Master Natural Dyer, Aurora Silk © 1995

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