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[ Technical Textiles - "The wonder of Wool" ]

Student information - facts about the Australian wool industry
A great deal of information for students is provided to improve their understanding of our complex industry. Topics covered include: wool fibre characteristics, wool production and processing, marketing Australian wool and careers in wool.
*Wool facts
Facts and figures about Australia’s wool industry, including wool production and export levels.
*Wool fibre
The natural qualities and properties of wool give it unique advantages when compared with other fibres. Durability, versatility and the value of spun wool is directly related to the characteristics inherent in the wool fibre.
*Sheep breeds in Australia
Of the approximately 100 million sheep in Australia, over 80% are pure Merino – a breed that produces heavy fleece and fine wool. The strains of Merino, and other breeds, vary dependent on their location and the end-use for the wool.
*Wool Production
Australian sheep are responsible for the production of a quarter of the world’s wool, a figure of over 450 million kilograms. Factors that influence production levels include: methods of harvesting wool, sheep husbandry and the health of the land.
*Wool processing
The vast majority of Australian wool is transformed into yarn via the Worsted processing system. AWI’s dedication to research and development keeps Australian wool competitive in the changing manufacturing market.
*Wool Marketing
The high quality of Australian wool means that the dominant share of produce is directed to the world’s clothing markets. Market prices, consumer preferences, competitive fibres and predictions for the global garment industry are factors that all influence the future of Australian wool.
*Careers with wool
From the wide-open spaces of the outback to the narrow runways of the world’s premier fashion events, a career in wool is as diverse and rewarding as any industry.
Australia is the world’s largest producer of wool.
The wool industry is one of vital importance to both the domestic economy and global garment production. From the sheep’s back to the shop floor, AWI provides relevant, up-to-date information for students interested in understanding the nature of the wool trade.
* Scholarships & awards
Wool industry scholarships are also available through the Australian Sheep Industry CRC. Visit for more information.
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