Wednesday, May 14, 2008

[ The need for Technical Textile Fabrics ]

Present and future needs of Technical Textile yarns and fabrics.
They are
1 ] Industrial yarns, ropes and harnesses.
2 ] Fabrics for Police, Security Guards, Soldiers, Sailors, Submariners.
3 ] Fire fighters, Racing drivers, Commercial fishing and diving.
4 ] Foundry and Glass workers, Mountaineering, Off shore and Gas rig workers.
5 ] Arctic explorers,Health care workers, For water sports, Winter Sports,Caving, Climbing, Cold Store, Coal mining, skiing, Air Crew both Military and civil, Hospital staff, Submarine Survival kits, Life survival floats, Blast and Bullet proof wear, Anti hypothermia suits and ducted warm air garments, Anti exposure overalls, Diapers, Biological and chemical protective wear, Heat resistant garments, Off Road, On road and Non Road applications,Exhaust air bags, Awnings, Space suits, Boat covers, Food wear, Foot ware lings, Tents, Thermal under ware, All season synthetic apparel, Coated fabrics, Elastic crape bandages, Non wovens used in civil engineering, Mattresses,
The list goes up as new inventions come up.

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