Thursday, May 15, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - FELT.]

Felt is the oldest form of fabric known to mankind.It predates weaving and knitting.There is archaeological evidence from the British Museum.
Felt is used everywhere from Automotive Industry,to children story telling,to musical instruments.It is as a dampener in the automotive industry for example.Felt is used on professional or tournament billiards board to cover the slate surface.It is also used in Piano's.
Felts are engineered from selected non wovens,viscoelastic polymers to reduce noise, absorb sound,dampen vibration,control undesirable noise,protect hearing and allow communication.
Felts are used to a large extent in Biotechnology.With ceramics it is used that shape,finish and polish.We have Industry Felts,Civilian Felt,Fiber Felt and Fuzzy Felt. Felt is used by almost all domestic and industrial applications including pharmacology,drug delivery to respiratory tracts,flexible converting and packing and even mechanical 'catch and release' fasteners even molding. Felt was discovered long ago and was not invented. It may be below your seat feel that Felt.

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