Friday, May 16, 2008


Industrial yarns are mostly manufactured from polyester and Nylon6 and Nylon66 with twisted and plied yarns for wide range of characteristics for a variety of uses.
Tire cord is from 840d,1260d,1680d.
Sewing thread from high tenacity polyester yarn.
Polyamide and Polyester yarns for manufacture of Reinforced water hoses,Fire fighting hoses,Conveyor belts,Air Bags,Ropes and Wigs.
PA,PES and PP fibers for Non Woven applications such as Geo textiles,Spun Bonds,Felting and Filters.
Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn,Bag Closing Thread,Polyester Yarn,NylonIndustrial Yarn, PP Dope Dyed Crimped Yarn, Yarns for Rope Articles & Nets, Elastic Yarns with Various Coverings, P/V Blended Yarn, polyester yarn polyester ropes, nylon ropes, PP dope dyed crimped yarn wholesale, bag closing thread, PP Fibrillated Yarns & Tapes, PP/ Nylon / Polyester Ropes, Sports Nets, Safety Nets, GeoSynthetics, Shoes Stitching Twines, Elastomeric yarns, Glass yarns, Alluminium yarns, Electrically conducting yarn,Anti Bacteria yarn, Anti Oder yarn, Anti soiling yarn, Biodegradable yarn, Flame resistance yarn and Retroreflective yarn -(shown in the picture above),Bullet proof yarn....... others you know.

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