Thursday, May 29, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - China on fast track ]

Glass Fiber Yarn
They have Rockets,we do have
They have nuke, we do have.
There progress in Technical Textiles manufacture.
Our progress in Technical Textile Manufacture{ ? }.
The products they manufacture includes everything under Technical Textiles.
For example
Manufacture of:
[01] Fiber glass yarn.
[02] Fiber glass Roving.
[03] All sorts of fiber glass fabrics.
[04] Fiber glass insect screen.
[05] Pool and patio screening screening.
[06] Fiber glass Sunshade.
[07] Glass fiber fabric for ducting.
[08] Coated Alkaline-resistant fiber glass mesh.
[09] Fiber glass Self adhesive Joint Tape.
[10] Vinyl coated fiber glass yarn.
[11] Milk bottle Build Package yarn and Multistand Roving.
[12] Fiber Glass Mats.
[13] Fiber glass insulation material.
[14] Fiber Glass for sound absorption.
[15] Heat resistant fiber glass fabric.
[16] Corrosion resistant fiber glass fabric.
[17] Fiber glass fabric for Green House construction.
[18] Gel coat mixture for high quality finishes.
[19] Glass wool.
I don't know if we have a Technical Textile Mill manufacturing all the above items,under one roof.

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