Friday, May 30, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Fiber Optic Light ]

Conversion of an optical path from a spot to a line is highly desirable in many scanning applications. It allows a photo detector with a round or square active area to receive input from a long linear array.
In machine vision lighting, an inexpensive projector bulb can illuminate the entire width of a document or web. Light lines are also used frequently to "pick-up" scattered or reflecting light from a laser and rotating mirror combinations.
FTI's concentrates its effort designing and manufacturing custom lines. However, FTI also manufactures standard Light Lines in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with the following features:
•Line lengths of .125" (3mm) or less up to lines 4 feet (122cm) long.
• Excellent fiber packing and alignment using proprietary manufacturing techniques, compares favorably with “wound” lines in quality without associated cost.
•The standard bundle length of 40" (1M) is suitable for most applications.
•Fixture holes in the all aluminum, black anodized body assist in mounting.
•Black anodized aluminum adapter is attached to the PVC covered metal sheathing for durability and long term performance.
•Ends of the fiber line are flush with the housing.
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