Monday, September 29, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Sarees Invisible ?. ]

Wearing a Saree. This was a Fashion wear among many Ladies in India thirty years ago. This is not so among the present generation of Ladies now in the age group below thirty years mainly. The reason being many Indian Ladies feel shy to wear the new versions of Garments which are ready to wear like the one in the picture which is not a Garment but what is known and has a name Saree. A Saree is usually 5.0 meters long and 120 centimeter wide with a 0.5 meter extra fabric attached to the length to be made in to the upper ware called as blouse. In this case Fashion is not only the prerogative of the designer in imagination but highly technical,technical textiles is entering this area in many ways such as: Multi colour Dyed Saree. Saree's with simple dyed in colors with dyed borders. Woven in simple and highly skilled designs. Saree's with simple and completed designs. Printed Saree's in Digital prints in highly skilled designs by designers. The area is not as it was earlier in the above techniques. The new area in this is mentioned in this Blog elsewhere. Earlier it was the Gold thread - Technical Textiles. To day it can be any of the present day technical textile yarn. They not only use yarn but also electronic sensors and other gadgets to function in areas such as health. There is a Joke if we can use invisible yarn in a Saree in few places. Who knows what comes next in Fashion & Design.

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