Saturday, October 4, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Electro Spinning.]

RT Collector New high performance electromechanical device, suitable for the deposition of polymeric fibres on a roto-translating mandrel during electrospinning. RT Collector is designed to satisfy the needs of many current applications requiring the obtainment of specific assemblies, such as small diameter nanofibrous conduits for vascular tissue engineering. Design note • Limited hindrance (50x25x15 cm) and reduced weight (2 kg) thanks to the use of composite non-conductive materials not significantly affecting the electromagnetic field; • Modular design equipped with easy-to-use, versatile position locks for mounting of mandrels with any desired dimension (both length and diameter); • Secure positioning, guaranteed through mandrel axial pretensioning, avoiding undesired in-use vibrations; • Two digital controlled brushless motors for rotation and translation offering excellent performances, minimal maintenance, long life and increased run times. Possibility to set rotational speed up to 4500 rpm (1 rpm of resolution) and axial velocity up to 1 m/s achievable with an acceleration of 2 g. Real-time monitoring and visualization of the mandrel axial position. RT Collector for Electrospun Tubular Device Production  Time-controlled cycles, allowing the synchronized setting of voltage and velocities, can be programmed to obtain complex textures.  Operator safety is guaranteed through interlock circuits. RT Collector is controlled by a PC using a PLC-based controller and an intuitive application software for setting applied voltage and motion parameters. It can be supplied with a locking system for tilting and translation of custom-shaped collectors. Linari Engineering Srl Via G. Verrazzano ,1 – 56128 Marina di Pisa (Pi) – Italy Email: · Website: Phone/Fax +39 050 34048 Software interface Linari Engineering Srl also performs electrospinning apparatus assembling (both solution and melt electrospinning) and electrospinning devices realization and optimizing (custom-made pumps, coaxial needles). 4 mmdiameter conduit Alignment of the tube’s fibers The device has been developed and tested by Linari Engineering Srl in collaboration with BIOlab of Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, University of Pisa, where it is currently used. Visit Website

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