Thursday, February 19, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - One Dress worn 100 ways ! ]

London: Buy one get 99 free ! Well a fashion designer has created a unique dress,named' Zipper ',which he claims can be worn in 100 different ways,an innovation hailed as the " ultimate outfit "in the wake of the global financial meltdown. In fact,the hand made black and silver dress is made of 120 separate zips that can be added, removed or partially undone to create endless possibilities- it can be adopted to create anything from a belt to a full-length evening outfit. The neckline,dress length and sleeve length are easily adjustable. And by removing zips from the middle of the outfit it can even become a two piece mini skirt and crop-top,the Daily Telegraph reported. " the dress was influenced by the constant changes and demands that fashion establishes every season.The idea was to create a single dress that could easily be reconstructed over and over again to comply with hundreds of variations. " The zipper dress can be adapted from a full length night dress,to a a miniskirt or a belt.Each one of them can be either separated from the rest of the dress or open to play and reveal layers or skin beneath. " I believe the concept is poignant in the current economic crisis because you can buy one dress and get a hundred different fashion possibilities ",designer Sabastian Errazuriz was quoted as saying.



The Times of India - Bangalore.

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