Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - No mention of Technical Textiles in Govt Report.]

Ministry of Textiles.
ERMIU/ Economic Division.
April-February 2008-09.
 All India Index of Industrial Production (IIP) registered an increase of 3.0 per cent during April’08-January’09 over the corresponding period of previous year.
There was a significant decline in respect of Jute & Other Veg. Fibre Textiles (except Cotton)(11.15%); Cotton Textiles (2.01%); and Wool, Silk & Man-made Fibre Textiles (0.61%).
 The actual textile production covering man-made fibre, filament yarn and spun yarn showed decreasing trend during April’08 - February’09 as against April’07 - February’08.
The highest decline was in man-made fibre (15.20%) followed by filament yarn (6.7%).
 The overall cloth production, during this period declined by 1.4 per cent, corresponding to previous year.
 The All India Wholesale Price Index increased by 9.13 per cent during April-February’09.The WPI of textile group increased by 5.88 per cent.
 Latest exports figures available upto April-December’08, indicate an overall surge of 10.84 per cent in rupee term and 0.12 per cent in US$ terms. Export of Handicrafts and cotton textiles declined by 16.60 per cent and 1.90 per cent in rupee terms and 24.67 per cent and 11.39 per cent in US dollar terms respectively.
 Latest imports figures available upto April-December’08, indicate an overall increase of 24.70 per cent in rupee term and 12.64 per cent in US$ terms. Highest increase was recorded in Made-ups (104.95%) followed by Raw material (45.61%) during this period in rupee terms and 85.13 per cent and 31.53 per cent in US$ terms respectively.
 So far, 23,590 applications involving a project cost of Rs. 1, 55,704 crore have been sanctioned (for a loan amount of Rs. 69,828 crore) under the Technology Upgradation Funds Scheme upto 31.12.2008. However, 3,968 application involving a project cost of Rs.31,672 crore have been sanctioned (for a loan amount of Rs. 15,611 crore) during April-December’2008.
 As percentage to the number of LOIs/ DILs issued and investment for textiles during April-December’2008 were 8.33 per cent and 12.60 per cent respectively as against 29.07 percent and 29.92 per cent respectively during the same period of 2007.
 The Inflow of FDI in textile sector was 0.43 per cent of the overall FDI (in terms of amount) during April-December’08 as against 0.57 per cent in the corresponding period of the previous year.
 As per a quick sample study covering 1168 textile units in the organized sector, conducted by the Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour, employment in the textile sector declined at the monthly average rate of 0.91 per cent during October- December 2008. If the decline is continues at the same rate, this would translate in to an annual decline of about 11 per cent or loss of about 4 million jobs, which will have serious socio-economic consequences.
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Hello Mr.Minister for Textiles.
As per this report 4 million Jobs are in Jeopardy every year and the New Minister for Textiles say's as per a News paper report that he will create 10 Million Jobs in 5 years by which time 20 Million Jobs would have been lost.If really 10 million Jobs are created for 35 states still 10 million Jobs would have been lost.

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