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m-123-Techtex Limited.

A German-owned trading house and sourcing agency specialized in the business of Technical Textiles from China to EU- and NAFTA countries. Esp. outdoors, camping, offroad, motorcycle, tents, etc.
m- 3M Corp Protective Chemicals.

Chemicals: repellent fluorochemicals for topical treatments (aqueous and solvent based). Hydrophilic or repellent polymer melt additives.
m-3M UK plc

Manufacturer: 3M Scotchlite reflective materials. m-A. Celli SpA Mechanical Industries.

Machinery and equipment: ancillary equipment, slitters and winding units.

m-A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co KG

Machinery and equipment: stenters, dryers, calenders and other finishing equipment.

m-A. Rowe Ltd.

Manufacturer: weft-knitted fabrics for lamination, flame-retardant products, technical fabric developments from Kevlar, Nomex, flame-retardant viscose, Kermel, Lyocell fibres, Lycra, Coolmax and Thermalite.

m-ABG Ltd>br/>

Manufacturer: geosythetics and geotextiles for civil engineering and environmental projects.

m-Abifor AG.

Manufacturer of thermoplastic hot-melt powders such as high- and low-density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE), co-polyamide (CoPA), co-polyester (CoPES), polypropylene (PP), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and blends.

m-Achilles Corp.

m-Acker Textilwerk GmbH.

m-Acordis Acetate Products Ltd.

m-Acordis Acrylic Fibres/Acordis Kelheim GmbH.

m-Acordis Industrial Fibers Inc.

Fibre producer: polyester yarn and type 6.6 airbag nylon.(Brand names include Diolen)

m-Acordis Services Ltd.

Fibre producer: alginate, a seaweed-based fibre. Micropake®, a barium sulphate-loaded, polypropylene that is an x-ray detectable, multifilament yarn. Carboxymethyl cellulosic (CMC) fibre.

m-ACS Fibers LLC.

Fibre producer: textured and non-textured filament yarns.

m-ACS Gesellschaft für Luft- und Entstaubungstechnik.

Converter: filtration products. Also supplier of web bonding equipment and finisher of nonwovens.

m-Advanced Technology Extrusions (ATEX).

Polypropylene multilayer fine filament spunlaid, technical products for hygiene, medical composites, colours, filtration and furniture applications.

m-AGY Holding Corp

Fibre producer: glass fibre yarns for industrial, construction, electronics, aerospace and ballistics applications.

m-Ahlstrom Lystil SA

Manufacturer: roll-goods for roofing, wall covering and flooring substrates, filtration, bookbinding, medical gowns and drapes, absorbent products, wipes, vacuum bag and milk filters. Bespoke development service.

m-Aigle SpA

Machinery and engineering: impregnation, coating and flocking equipment. m-Air Monitor Corp.

Machinery builder: industrial airflow measuring stations and probes, ultra-low differential pressure transmitters for use in fibre production. Complete systems.

m-Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

Manufacturer: nonwovens and chemicals. m-Alchimea Naturwaren GmbH.

Manufacturer: insulation roll-goods based on natural fibres.

m-Alco Chemical.

Manufacturer: chemical thickeners and other speciality compounds. (National Starch & Chemical Group.).

m-Allertex Ltd.

UK agent: fibres, yarns, weaving machinery, drying, raising, brushing units, nonwovens machinery, winding, measuring, slitting units.

m-Alpe Adria Textil Srl.

m-Amdes ats

Manufacturer of dryers for industrial fabrics.

m-American Felt & Filter Co (AFFCO)

Manufacturer: filter media (needlebonded, electret, composite) for respiratory protection, dust/powder, liquid bags, pressure filters, etc. Felts for fluid transfer, gaskets, medicine, insulation, decoration, apparel, etc.

m-American Fibers and Yarns Co

m-American Kynol Inc

US distributor: Kynol novoloid fibres and roll-goods. Also carbon and activated carbon textiles for various industrial uses.

m-American Synthetic Fiber LLC.

m-American Textile Machinery Inc.

Agent: nonwovens machinery and equipment, filtration media, man-made fibres.

m-Ames Europe bv

m-Amitalia Srl

Manufacturer: medical and industrial nonwovens, wipes, papermakers' felts.

m-Amoco Fabrics

Soft lightweight carded nonwovens for hygiene and medical applications. Spunbonds for industrial applications, especially roofing.

m-AMOHR-Textilwerk August Mohr GmbH & Co.

Woven specialty tapes from synthetic, metallic and natural fibres.

m-Anex6 Ltd

Design and implementation of plant-wide intelligent process monitoring solutions based on multivariate statistical process control (MSPC).

m-Anglo Felt Industries Ltd.

Needlepunch and bonded felts in cut shapes and roll forms for carpet underlay, horticultural, geotextile, automotive and other specialist applications.

p-Apparel Search.

m-Aptec Technologies.

m-Aquafil USA Inc.

m-Arch Chemicals.

Manufacturer and supplier of Reputex 20, an antimicrobial treatment for cellulosic and synthetic textiles, that is marketed using the Purista brand name.

m-Ardmel Group Ltd.

m-Ariane (L'Atelier d'Ariane)

m-Aristo Graphic Systeme GmbH & Co KG.

m-Arkhe Co Ltd.

100% biodegradable textiles, fabrics, industrial materials, plastic-substitutes and novelty goods.

m-Arlin Manufacturing Co Inc.

m-Armstrong Textile Products GmbH.

Machinery and equipment: roll covering service and spinning supplies.

m-Arova Schaffhausen AG

m-Arthur Mönch GmbH & Co KG

m-Asahi Chemical Industry.

m-Asglawo technofibre GmbH.

m-Asiatic Fiber Corp.<

m-Asociación Industrial Textil de Proceso Algodonero (AITPA)

m-Asota GesmbH.

Producer: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide staple fibres, including spun-dyed, ultraviolet-stabilized, thermal-stabilized, flame retardant, anti-microbial and other versions.

m-Aspide Médical

Manufacturer of reinforcement meshes and patches for such as hernia repairs and ruptures.

m-Asselin, NSC Nonwoven

Crosslappers, drafters and needlelooms. Turnkey manufacturing lines for dry-laid nonwovens in synergy with Thibeau.

a-Association of German Producers of Man-made Fibres.

a-Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA)

Trade association.

a-Associazione Essile Italiana.

m-Assyst Automatisierung, Software & Systeme mbH.

Machinery builder: computer assisted design (CAD) and computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) systems for every stage of textile production. International associate companies.

m-Assyst Bullmer Ltd.

Computer-aided design (CAD) and automatic textile roll handling, spreading, manual and automatic cutters for all textiles.

m-ATEX Technologies, Inc.

Designs and manufactures medical textile fabrics for various medical device and implantable applications.

m-Autefa Automation GmbH.

Crosslappers, slitters, crosscutters, winders, web transportation conveyors, web profilers.


Car airbag manufacturer including weaving and all subsequent manufacturing processes.

m-Avery Dennison Speciality Tape Division.

Manufacturer: pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes in double-coated, single-coated and unsupported transfer tape form for various industrial, medical and consumer uses.

m-avr.Allgermeiner Vliesstoff-Report dpw-Verlags GmbH.


UK agent: moisture control systems, instruments, nonwovens machinery.(Associated with Garnett Controls.)

m-Badinotti SpA

m-Bafatex Bellingroth GmbH & Co KG.

m-Bally Ribbon Mills.

Manufacturer: woven narrow fabrics, speciality tapes, webbings and woven structures for uses in composites, medical, military, safety and protection, transportation and aerospace applications. Development service.


Specialist warp-knitters.tricot, raschel and three-dimensional spacer fabrics. Range of meshes and fabrics.

m-Bamberger Kaliko GmbH.<

Coating, finishing, laminating, dying of technical textiles, sun-protection fabrics and book cloths.

m-Barbara SA<


Machinery builder.

m-Barmag AG.

Machinery and equipment: fibre production equipment, including winders, godets and automated systems. Also, yarn texturizing and steel cord machines.

m-Barmag-Spinnzwirn GmbH.>

Textile machinery and components (such as winders, rewinders, twisting machines, tape lines and accessories) for the chemical fibre industry.

m-Barnet Europe GmbH & Co KG.

m-Barnhardt Manufacturing Co.

Commission processor: cotton bleacher. Also finished products for the dental and professional beauty markets. Pharmaceutical packaging components.

m-Barrday Inc.

Manufacturer: roll-goods for composites, filtration and separation, military, safety, sports and leisure uses. Commission converting.

m-Barton textilne zavody AS

m-Basaltex nv.


m-Bastian Wickeltechnik GmbH.

Machinery and equipment: inspection, winding, cutting and fabric handling.

m-Bastien (Henri Bastien SAE)

m-Batson Inc.

Agent: machinery and equipment for fibre production and processing, weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, nonwovens manufacture, ancillary equipment.

m-Baumhüter International GmbH.

m-Baxenden Chemicals Ltd.

Manufacturer: textile chemicals.

m-Bay Mills Ltd.

Industrial roll-goods.

m-BBA Nonwovens.

Fibre producer: polyester and polypropylene spunbonded.

m-Beaulieu of America Inc.

m-Beco Bermüller & Co GmbH.

m-Befama SA.

Blending feeders, blending hoppers, woollen, nonwoven carding machinery, chute feeders, condensers, hopper mixers, openers, lattice feeders, preparatory machinery, spindlers, spinning machinery, waste extraction and recycling plant.

m-Beier Albany Co (Pty) Ltd.

m-Bekintex nv.

Producer: industrial yarns and fabrics based on stainless steel, metal coated, and coated metal fibres for anti-static, electro-conductive and extreme temperature applications.(Bekaert Group.)

m-Belchem GmbH.

High-temperature resistant fibres and yarns and textile products. m-Belgian Sewing Thread BST nv.

m-Bemis. m-Bemis Associates UK.

Suppliers of adhesive films (Heat Seal) and tapes for bonding and reinforcing fabrics/substrates.

m-Benninger Co Ltd.

m-Bergal Erfurter Flechttechnik GmbH.

m-Betex-Gewebeveredelungs GmbH.

m-BFF Nonwovens Ltd.

Manufacturer: nonwoven fabrics in more than 200 different combinations of fibre blends and resins. Heat-bonded, chemical-bonded and hydroentangled constructions. Applications include medical products; wipes; wallcoverings, filters, protective clot m-BHA Technologies AG.

m-BHA Technologies Inc

Manufacture and marketing of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane solutions for applications such as industrial filtration and consumer outerwear.

m-BHT Bicma Hygienetechnologie GmbH.

Complete machines for the manufacture of sanitary napkins, panty shields, baby diapers, adult diapers, hospital pads and incontinence products.

m-Biagioli Industrie SpA.

m-Bielska Fabryks Maszyn Wlockienniczych (Befama Textile Machinery Manufacturers)

Machinery and equipment: carding machines,waste recycling systems.

m-Binsfeld Engineering Inc.

m-Birch Bros Southern Inc.

m-BMD Textiles Pty Ltd.

Manufacturer: weft inserted warp knit fabrics up to 5.3 metres wide for laminating, coating, geotextiles and geocomposites.

m-Bobet SA.

Commission processor: coats cotton, polyester, polyamide, glass, aramid and other fabrics with such as nitrite, neoprene, polyurethanes and silicones for use in protective apparel, gloves, masks, aprons, and meter and carburettor diaphragms.

m-Bofil AG.

m-Böhme Dr Th. GmbH  

a-Bolton Institute  

Educational, reseach and innovation establishment. Main areas of interest are technical textiles, medical textiles, composites, heat- and fire-resistant materials, sportswear, nanocomposites, and materials physics.  

m-Bonar Technical Fabrics  

Manufacturer: woven, nonwoven and knitted polypropylene roll-goods for use in agriculture, composites, geotextiles, packaging and other industrial applications. Also, polypropylene and polyethylene yarns and tapes for industrial use.  

m-Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd  

Producer: polypropylene yarns for use in sports surfaces.  

m-Bonas Machine Co Ltd  

Electronic jacquards for weaving.  m-Borio Fiore Filati  

Worsted and stretch-broken flame retardant, antistatic, high tenacity yarns: Lenzing FR®, Panox®, Kevlar®, No-Shock®, meta-aramid. Polypropylene 

Meraklon®- based worsted spun yarns, pure or in blend with wool, cotton or acrylic: Isolfil®, Isolwool®, Filactive®, Spun-fit.  

m-Borkent bv/Filtrair bv  

Manufacturer: carded, high-loft, needlepunched, spraybonded and thermal-bonded nonwovens. Also filtration media.  m-Bowers Fibers Inc  

Distributor: process blended fibres and fibre by-products. Waste recycling and reclamation.  

m-Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics Ltd  

Manufacturer: narrow fabrics.  


Manufacturer of: fittings for tarpaulins (eyelets, staples, hooks, cables, cables ends, straps, rings, buckles, runners, tools); sliding roofs, pillars and palette baskets for trucks.  

m-Branson Ultrasonics Corp  

Machinery builder: ultrasonic joining and assembling equipment and systems.  

m-Bridon Cordage LLC  

m-Briggs Shaffner Co  

Manufacturer of textile beams for the weaving and knitting industry, specializing in high strength (heavy duty) applications.  


Producer of polyester and polyamide yarns (including specialities and personalized products).  

m-Bristol-Myers Squibb Co  

m-British Millerain Co Ltd  

Manufacturer: industrial and apparel fabrics in polyamide, cotton, and polyester for outdoor applications. Various coatings and finishes available.  a-British Standards Institution  

National standards body offering a range of standards, publications, seminars and testing facilities. Range of standards writing services.  

a-British Textile Technology Group (BTTG)  

Textile and material testing, investigation and evaluation . 

m-British Vita  

a-British Wool Textile Export Corp  

Responsible for export promotion of UK textiles. Official sponsor of the British group at Techtextil Frankfurt. 

m-Brückner Apparatebau GmbH  

Machinery and equipment: bleaching, washing lines and units, and dyeing equipment.  

m-Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co KG  

Textile/specialist machinery: padders, stenters, dryers, thermosol dyeing ranges, compressive shrinking ranges, compacting calenders, heat-recovery installations, coating ranges, thermofixation machines, glass fibre fabric finishing ranges.  

m-BTM Textilmaschinen GmbH  

Machinery and equipment: dyeing, finishing, drying, latexing and coating lines. (Deutsche Babcock Group, Germany.)  

m-BTTG (British Textile Technology Group) Leeds  

Testing laboratory (such as physical, chemical and flammability) for range of materials. Centre for textile and related materials testing, investigation and evaluation. Range of training courses also available. Group head office.  m-BTTG (British Textile Technology Group)  Spinning and Nonwovens  

Small quantity bespoke production runs of a wide variety of nonwovens, using a broad range of fibres. Also nonwovens facilities available for trials work.  

m-BTTG Fire Technology Services  

UKAS accredited laboratory specializing in the testing of heat and flame protective clothing and other textile-related products including upholstery and furnishing fabrics.  

m-Bugis Tissus Techniques  

a-Bundesverband Konfektion Technischer Textilien eV  

m-BW Industrial Products bv  Woven filament fabrics for industrial textile applications such as conveyer belts, sailcloth, filtration and blinds.  m-C.A. Litzler Co Inc  

Machinery systems builder for impregnation, saturating and coating processes involving convection, infra-red and radiofrequency drying.  


Design and manufacture of unwinding, slitting, rewinding, traverse winding and re-rolling solutions for web-formed products.  

m-Campen Machinery AS 

Machinery and equipment: dryers and ovens. Also foaming units.  

m-Canesis Network Ltd  

Research and development: provides services and products globally to the wool and wider textile industry. Consultancy activities range from environmental to plant audits. Has extensive testing and textile process facilities.  m-Capatex Ltd  

Distributor: wind-, sun-, predator-, insect- and weed-protection fabrics for agricultural/horticultural uses; debris/scaffold netting for construction uses. Also hook and loop fasteners for industrial and technical applications.  

m-Cape Coaters (Pty) Ltd  


Manufacturer of paper tubes and cores used in the textile industry.  

m-Cardial SA  

m-Cargill Dow LLC  

m-Cargill Dow LLC  

m-Carico Systems  


Producer of weldable eyelets, line supports, valves, threaded nozzles and other fittings.  

m-Carolina Rubber Rolls 

m-Carpet Backing SpA  

m-Carrington Performance Fabrics  

Manufacturer: polyamide and polyester roll-goods for composites, filtration and separation, geotextiles, medical, hygiene, military, protection, sports and leisure, and high-performance apparel. Coating, laminating, and dyeing and finishing.  

m-Caruso GmbH Vliestoff-Werk  

Producer of nonwovens, needlefelt, fleece and wadding using polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP) and natural fibres.  

m-Cason SpA  

Manufacturer of textile machinery: bobbin strippers to remove yarn residuals from bobbins without surface damage.  

m-Cavitec AG  

Machinery and plants for: coating and laminating textile substrates with powder and hot-melt applications; thermobonding, heat-setting, spraying, impregnating and drying of nonwovens; impregnation of glass and carbon fibres (to form prepregs).  

m-Celanese Acetate  

m-Celanese Advanced Materials Inc  

m-Ceno Tec GmbH 

m-Century Dyeing Co  

Commission processor: commission dyer of woven synthetic fabrics for all end-uses. Jig, jet and beam dyeing at high temperature in widths up to 

2.3 m.  

m-CeramTec North America  

Manufacturer of technical ceramics for fibre production including applicators, thread guides, tubes and rods.  

m-Cerex Advanced Fabrics LP  

Producer: nylon spunbonds for wide range of industrial uses.  

m-Cetex Chemnitzer  Textilmaschinenentwicklung gGmbH  

Application-oriented research for the textile machine building industry, textile industry and related fields with the focus on machines for technical textiles.  

m-CFME-ACTIM  (Agency for the International Promotion of French Technology and Trade)  

m-Chemfab Corp  http://www.chemfab.corp 

Manufacturer: fluoropolymer coated or laminated glass or aramid textiles.  

m-Chiorino UK Ltd  

Conveyor and transmission belting, stamping belts, weldable polyurethane-coated fabrics, rubber-coated fabrics, polyurethane film, and rubber sheeting.  m-Chr. Eschler AG Swisskint  

m-Christoph Burckhardt AG  

Manufacturer of fibrillating equipment for tape lines and fibre production. Tailor-made perforating units, and tools for hot and cold perforation.  

m-Clariant GmbH  

Manufacturer of process chemicals, as well as flame retardants, polymer emulsions, melamine cross-linkers and fluorocarbons for water- and oil-repellent treatments.  

m-Cloverbrook Ltd 

Knitting, dyeing, finishing, brushing and sublimation printing of polyester fabrics. Circular weft-knitting and single jersey for 100% polyester and cotton fabrications. 

m-Club Textile Integral  h




m-CM Machinery  

Machinery builder: standard and bespoke converting equipment, including slitting, trimming, cutting, winding, stacking, etc, for nonwovens and associated industries. Custom built machinery for web products, converting machinery for passenger comfort  m-CMI (Plastics) Ltd  


Manufacturer: synthetic leathers. Commission coating, laminating, embossing. Roll-goods for geotextiles, medical, hygiene and various industrial uses.  m-Co.Fi.Tech (Deutschland) GmbH  

m-Co.Fi.Tech (UK) Ltd 

m-Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH  

m-Coating Applications Group  

Manufacturer of fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PUR) for a variety of specialist end-uses. 


Machinery and equipment: ceramic coated rollers, thread guides etc. Ceramic coating of various components  

m-Colbond bv  

m-Colbond Geosynthetics  

m-Colbond Inc  h


Manufacturer: bicomponent spunlaid fabrics for composites, construction, flooring substrates and other uses.  

m-Collano Xiro AG  

Binders: thermoplastic adhesive films for bonding.  

m-Color-Fi Inc  

m-Comercial Dispotex SA  

Converter: disposable items for hospital use, and industrial protective apparel.  

m-Comez SpA  

Machinery builder: warp-knit, raschel and crochet units.  

m-Comité International de  la Rayonne et des Fibres,Synthétiques (CIRFS)  Trade association for the synthetic fibres sector.  

m-Concert GmbH  

Producer of air-laid nonwovens.  

m-Concordia Textiles  

m-Consoltex Inc  

Manufacturer of packaging products as well as textile fabrics for the fashion, outerwear, home furnishings and industrial markets.  m-Cont@ct Frankfurt Exhibitions Ltd  

UK representative for Techtextil and other exhibitions organized by Messe Frankfurt GmbH.  m-ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen GmbH  

Manufacturer of coated fabrics, diaphragm materials and engineered products. Combinations of coating materials and fabrics for specific problems.  



m-Conwed Plastics  

Manufacturer of oriented and extruded plastic netting for various applications.,br/> 

m-Conwed Plastics  

m-Cooley Building Products  

Cooley has designed and developed numerous advances in membrane roofing technology beginning with PVC roofing membranes in 1978.  

m-Cooley Group  
Manufacturer of polymer coatings and reinforced membranes. Applications include environmental containment tanks, safety and medical products, truck tarpaulins, and sign and billboard materials.  

m-Cordex SA  

m-Coreforming Technologies Ltd  

Manufacturer of core-forming segments (drum-type), including forming drums, pockets and screens.  

m-Cornelius Chemical Co Ltd  

Hot-melt adhesives. 

m-Cortex SA  

Machinery to print the warp directly on the weaving machine (Loomprinter). Machinery to heat-set the warp on the loom (Speeder).  

Stainless steel fibres/blends with technical fibres (such as aramids). Spinning, stretch-breaking, weaving, knitting, braiding and needlepunching. Products for industrial uses in thermal and antistatic applications. 

m-Crosrol Ltd. 

Machinery and equipment: opening, blending, and carding machinery, primarily for short staple fibres. 

m-CS-Interglas Srl 


Research and development organisation.  


Research and development, consulting and testing services  

m-CTI Material Utilisation Ltd  

m-CTMTC Trading GmbH  

m-Culimeta Textilglas-Technologie GmbH & Co KG  

m-Cumins Machinery Corp  

Machinery and equipment: dealers in used warp-knit, raschel and tricot machinery and accessories including warping equipment.  

m-DAK Americas  

m-Dakota Coatings BVBA  

m-David Martin Stenhouse Ltd  

Manufacturer: flags, including national, international, corporate, clan, heraldic, and banners.  

a-David Rigby Associates (DRA)  

Specialist in resolving issues of strategy, marketing and technology in technical textiles. Organizes in-company seminars and research-based projects. Publishes from web-site: 1500 tables of technical textile markets forecasts. 


Anti-fraying solutions achieved by a combined slitting and ultrasonic sealing operations, which are carried out in a single process.  

m-Degussa-Hüls AG Perfomance Polymers  

m-Delius GmbH  

m-Demgen Werkzeugbau GmbH  

m-Dern Lin Textile Co Ltd  


m-Dewtex Inc  

m-Dexter Corp  

Manufacturer: wet-laid, spunlace and composite nonwovens for food packaging, industrial and consumer wipes, medical, automotive, and other specialized industrial uses. Manufacturing operations in US, UK and Sweden.  

m-DHJ International  

Black-out fabrics; sun-protection fabrics; waterproof and water-repellent fabrics; fabrics for digital and transfer printing; commission coating up to 340 cm in width.  


m-Dicey Mills Inc  

m-Dienes Werke  

Machinery for slitting nonwovens.  

m-Dienes Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co KG  

m-Diffusion Textiles Ltd  

Technical and Performance Fabrics  m-Ding Zing Chemical Products Co Ltd  

m-Dinosaurier - Werkzeuge GmbH  

m-Diolen Industrial Fibers bv  

Producer of high-tenacity polyester yarns for a wide variety of technical applications and tyre reinforcement. The yarns are marketed under the brandname Diolen®.  

m-Diolen Industrial Fibers Inc  

Industrial polyester yarn and fabrics (brandname Diolen).  

m-DMR Rubans SA  

Manufacturer: narrow fabrics. Products include webbings, tapes, nets, elastics, shock cords and braids for industrial products.  

m-Dollfus & Muller SAS  

Manufacturer of conveyor belts and felts for the printing and nonwovens industries.  

m-Domo Gent nv  

m-Don & Low Ltd, Wovens  

Manufacturer: woven polypropylene industrial fabrics: Lobrene® industrial fabrics, Lotrak® geotextiles, Donbac®, Lobac® and Keybond® carpet backing, Donfil® polypropylene yarns.  

m-Donaldson Membranes  

m-Dover Flexo Electronics  

Products for measuring and controlling process tension in the manufacture of textiles and nonwovens.  

m-Dow Chemical Co  

m-Dow Corning Corp  

Anti-foams, softeners, surfactants, coatings, lubricants, waterproofing materials, surface modifiers and other process chemicals.  

m-Dr Hielscher GmbH  

m-Drake Extrusion Ltd 

Producer: olefin fibres for nonwoven, medical and hygiene applications.  

m-DRM Industrial Fabrics Ltd 

Manufacture of textile filter products for processing industries.  

m-DS Technical Textiles  

Polypropylene/polyester (PP/PES) nonwoven needlefelt for separation drainage and filtration use. Nonwoven geotextiles. Impregnation laminated, structured nonwovens. Needlefelt secondary backings. 


Manufacturer: industrial fibres, composites.  m-DSM High Performance Fibers  

Manufacturer: industrial fibres.  

m-Du Pont de Nemours (Luxembourg) SA  

Manufacturer: high-strength spunbonded and flash-spun polyethylene materials for various industrial applications. Also Sontara hydroentangled nonwovens.  

m-Du Pont de Nemours International SA  

European sales office for fibres and nonwovens.  

m-Duflot Industrie  

Manufacturer: thermal-bonded, needlepunched, calendered and laminated nonwovens based on synthetic, natural and glass fibres. Also flame retardant nonwovens, stitchbonded nonwovens and composites.  

m-Dukane Ultrasonics  

Machinery builder: ultrasonic assembly systems for use in textile, automotive, medical, packaging, and other industries. Ultrasonic systems for assembling disposable nonwoven products and garments.  

m-Dumortier (Peignage Dumortier)  

m-Duratex/Wernerfelt Group 

m-Dürkopp Adler AG  

m-Dyneon GmbH & Co KG  

m-Eastman Chemical Co  

Fibre producer: acetate yarns. Brand names include Chromspun and Estron.  

m-Eastman Machine Co  

Manufacturer of automated and manual cutting machines, spreading equipment and material handling systems.  

m-EAT GmbH "The DesignScope Company"  

m-Ecotextil Ltd  

Manufacturer: meltblown nonwoven roll-goods for air filtration, thermal insulation, vacuum cleaner bags, surgical and industrial face masks, bonding webs and textile sorbent webs.  

m-Eduard Küsters Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG  

Thermobonding calenders for the nonwoven industry; ultrasonic calenders; textile calenders for chintzing, glazing, condensing, embossing and softening. Heated swimming rolls, steel and engraving rolls. Applicators for chemicals and padders.  

a-Edward C. Gregor & Associates, LLC. 

Specialists in creating growth for companies have new or under-exploited technologies.  


Finished products manufacturer. Products include nonwoven protective clothing for industrial and medical applications and wipes.  

m-Ekotex spol Sro  

m-Elana SA  

Polyester fibre and bottle polymer. Staple fibre and converter tow (tradename Elana). Filament yarn (tradename Torlen).  

m-Elbit Vision Systems Ltd  

Machinery builder: automatic inspection and quality monitoring systems.

m-Elco SA (European Laminating Co)  

Bonding, such as connecting a foam to a textile by flame-lamination.  

m-Electromatic Equipment Co Inc  

Manufacturer of hand-held and online tension measurement products for single-end filaments as well as narrow and wide webs.  

m-Electronic Systems SpA  

m-Ellerbeak Henrik AS  

m-Elmatex GmbH  

Textile machinery: twisting, winding, weaving, finishing, dying, printing and coating.  

p-Elsevier Bibliographic Databases  

Publisher of World Textile Abstracts, a comprehensive textiles database that covers technical, scientific, economic and commercial publications.  

m-Eltex US Inc  



Producer: copolyamide and copolyester adhesives in the form of granules, powders and fibres. Polyamide 6, polyamide 12 and copolyamide fibres and monofilaments 


EMS-Griltech offers technical fibres and thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives based on polyamide 6, copolyamide and copolyester for technical applications, apparel and paper machine clothing.  

m-EMS-Griltech Americas  

Producer of polymers and adhesives in the form of granules, powders, fibres, monofilament and yarns: polyamide 6, polyamide 12, co-polyamide and co-polyester.  

m-Engineered Yarns Co.  

Hot-melt adhesive coated yarns, extrusion coated yarns, yarns with aqueous based dispersion coatings, wrapped yarns and custom monofilaments, especially polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF).  

m-Enka tecnica GmbH  

All kinds of spinnerets and spin packs, sensors and instruments for on-line quality assurance of filament yarns. Precision parts.  


Teaching and training of textile engineers. Fundamental and applied research service to companies.  

m-Enviro-Chemie GmbH.  

m-Epurex Films GmbH & Co KG  

Producer of thermoplastic elastomer, breathable and hot-melt films.  

m-Erema Engineering Recycling  Machinen u. Anlagen GmbH  

m-Erema North America Inc  

Sales, service and spare parts for North American manufacturers of plastic products.  

m-Erhardt + Leimer GmbH  

Specialist for system solutions and automation technology on running webs and belts. Manufacturer of control equipment and inspection systems, for instance for nonwovens.  

m-Eschler Textil GmbH  

Warp-knitted farbics for sports, lingerie and technical textiles (for cleaning, for lamination and for the medical sector).  

a-Espace Textile  

Aids firms in Rhône-Alpes region by organizing collective efforts at exhibitions, advertising and communication programmes, sales development, and identification of emerging markets worldwide.  

m-ETF Machinefabriek bv  

Machinery and equipment: winding, rolling, cutting and other ancillary equipment for fabric processing.  

m-Euro Sandow  

m-Eurocarbon bv  
Manufacturer of braided and woven fibres for composite reinforcement and advanced composites applications. Turnkey overbraiding solutions.  

m-Europa NCT Spzoo  

Producer of electroconductive and antibacterial fibres and yarns.  

a-European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA)  

European trade association for the nonwoven and hygiene absorbent goods industries. 

m-Europlasma nv  

m-EVS-Elbit Vision Systems Ltd  

m-Exclusivas Te-Pa SA  

m-Exeltor Corp  

Sales office for needles for knitting machines. Also represent Christoph Liebers for sales of flat parts.  

m-Extruded Fibers Inc  

m-F.illi Giovanardi di Giovanardi Carlo & C Snc

m-F.J. Rammer GmbH  

m-F.LLi Ceccato SpA  

Machinery and equipment: spinnerets.  

m-Fabrene Inc  

Woven polyethylene producer: coated and uncoated high strength polyolefin tapes for roofing membranes, geomembranes, shelter structures and industrial packaging applications.  

m-Fachinformationszentrum Technik eV  

m-Fait Plast SpA  

m-Fa-Ma Jersey  

a  Febeltex (Belgium Textile Federation)  

Belgian textile manufacturers' association.  

m-Fehrer AG 

Machinery and equipment: air-lay web-forming and random carding units, needlelooms and papermakers' needlelooms, DREF spinning machines.  

m-Ferd. Schmetz GmbH  

Manufacturer of industrial and household sewing machine needles.  

m-Ferguson Polycom Ltd  

m-Feria Valencia  

m-Ferlam Technologies  

m-Ferrari (Tissage et Enduction Serge Ferrari SA)  

Manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) textiles and composites membranes.  

m-Fezko AS  

m-Fiab HF AB  

Machinery builder: high-frequency welding equipment for such as tents, air and tensioned structures, signs, truck tarpaulins, pool liners and medical bags.  

m-Fiber Controls Corp  

Nonwoven production machinery, fibre preparation, web-laying machinery, recycling equipment, pneumatic distributors and blowers.  

m-Fiber Science Inc  

Manufacturer of non-commodity synthetic fibres such as: polyester (PET), polyamide 6 (PA6), polypropylene (PP), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), copolymers, resorbable polymers. Some downstream processing available. 

m-Fiber Technology Inc  

Sales of fibre, yarn, textile-related products and services.  

m-Fiber-Line Inc  

Coatings on high-performance yarns, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), to provide colouration, non-wicking properties, abrasion resistance and adhesion. Applications in woven fabrics, cordage, mechanical rubber goods, aerospace and packaging.  

m-FiberMark Lahnstein  

Manufacturer: wet-laid nonwovens for industrial uses. 

m-FiberVisions Aps  

Develops, manufactures and markets bicomponent fibres for drylaid, airlaid and wetlaid nonwoven structures. Fibres are tailor-made to suit the individual customer.  

m-FiberVisions AS  

Develops, manufactures and markets polypropylene staple fibres from 0.9 to 15 dtex. Provides individual solutions for producers of carded, airlaid and wetlaid nonwovens based on functionality. 

m-Fibras Quimicas SA  

m-Fibreguide Ltd  

Machinery and equipment: yarn texturing components, including airjets for interlacing filament yarns, airjet texturing, polyurethane discs and enclosures. Design service.  

m-Fil Man Made Group  

Synthetic cotton system spinner in ring, open-end and compact forms.  

m-Fil.Va Srl  

Developer of thermoplastic extrusion technologies for monofilaments and synthetic bonding staple fibres. Synthetic monofilaments. Tricomponent sheath/core staple bonding fibre.  

m-Filc D.D. Menges  

Production and sales of nonwoven textiles and laminates for technical applications.  

m-Filtes International Srl  

m-Filtration News  

Magazine for the filtration industry.  

mFi-Tech Inc  

Agent: fibre production and processing equipment, nonwovens equipment, ancillary and reclamation equipment. 

m-Fleissner GmbH  

Machinery manufacturer: spunlace systems and technology company for woven/nonwoven fabrics; finishing machinery/dryers for textile, wool, carpet, nonwovens, paper and tissue industry; nonwoven lines, manmade fibre lines.  

m-Fleissner Nonwovens GmbH & Co KG  

Machinery builder: complete lines for thermobonding, spraybonding and impregnation bonding, as well as combined lines including calender systems for heating, cooling, laminating, longitudinal/cross-cutting, winding and stacking equipment.  

m-Flemings Industrial Fabrics  

Manufacturer: glass fibre reinforcement materials for GRP (glass reinforced plastics) industry. Also industrial textiles. (Scott & Fyfe Group.)  

The design and manufacture of stitchbonded multiaxial fabrics.  m-Formosa Taffeta Co Ltd  

m-Formosan Rubber Group Inc  

m-Forschungsinstitut für Lederund Kunstledertechnologie GmbH  

m-Forsstrom Svenska HF AB  

m-Fortafil Fibers  

m-Foss Manufacturing Co Inc  

m-Foss Manufacturing Europe SAS  

Needlepunch nonwovens - polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP), extrusion of polyethylene (PE) and PP; latex coating production of speciality polyester fibre (coloured, antimicrobial, high- or low-temperature).  

m-Foster Needle Co Inc  

m-Frame Textile Group  

Producer of yarn; woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics; home textiles and industry-related chemicals.  

m-Framis Italia SpA  

m-Franklins International Ltd  

Technical textile and product development, particularly in furnishing fabrics and identity solutions.  

m-Fraunhofer Institut fuer Techno -und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM)  

Mathematical research institute concerned with: surface control, analysis of microstructures; microstructure simulation and virtual material design; fluid-structure interaction.  

p-Freedonia Group Inc  

Business information on paper and textile products and markets.  

m-Frenzelit Textiles UK 

Manufacturer of industrial textiles and yarns. Woven and coated fabrics, cords, packings, sleevings, knitted braids, woven and ladder tapes, high-temperature needlemats and rubberized/graphited boiler seals.  

m-Frenzelit-Werke GmbH & Co KG  

Producer of gaskets, insulation materials and expansion joints.

m  Freudenberg Nonwovens LP  

Manufacturer: nonwovens for industrial applications including filter media, battery separators, medicare, horticultural fabrics and abrasives. Product development department in the UK specialises in abrasives and absorptive systems.  

m-Freudenberg Spunweb SA  

Manufacturer: spunbonded substrates for roofings.  m-Freudenberg Telas Sin Tejer SA  

Manufacturer: dry-laid nonwovens for shoe linings, filter media, backing and interior trims for automotive use, medicare and other industrial uses.  

m-Freudenberg Vliesstoffe KG  

Manufacturer: polyester and polypropylene spunbondeds for carpet backings, roofing substrates, medicare items, upholstery, bedding, quilting, protective apparel, civil engineering, agriculture and other industrial applications.  

m-Freudenberg Vliesstoffe KG  
m-Fritsche,Theodolf GmbH & Co  

m-Fröhlich & Wolff GmbH  

m-Fugafil-Saran GmbH  

Manufacturer: meshes and filter fabrics, sun protection screens. 
m-Galan Textile Machinery SL  

Design and manufacture of spinning, twisting and winding machinery for technical and industrial yarns.  

m-Garnett Controls Ltd  

Machinery builder: control systems for cards, fibre blending and associated equipment. Fibre lubrication systems.  m-Gates Formed Fibre Products Inc  

Manufacturer of needlepunched nonwovens for use in automotive trim.  

m-Gaugler & Lutz oHG  


m-Gearing Scientific Ltd  

Supplier of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and thermal conductivity apparatuses. Contract testing to relevant world standards on both types. Supplier of polymers as standards and for research.  

m-Gebhardt Transport- und Lagersysteme  

Manufacturing and distribution of systems for transportation and warehouses, such as flat pallets, rollcages, stillages and conveying systems, mostly as customized solutions.  

m-Gehring Textiles/Militex Inc  

Manufacturer: tricot and raschel warp-knitted fabrics to meet specific requirements. Specialty fabrics include spacer fabrics.  

m-Gekatex SA  

Surface treatment accessories. Convertor of nonwovens.  

m-Gelvenor Textiles  

Weavers, dyers, coaters and finishers of technical textiles for medical, aeronautical, personal protection, ballistic, industrial and filter fabrics.  

m-Genkinger-Hubtex GmbH  

Transportation and lifting equipment for the textile industry.  

m-Geofabrics Ltd  

Manufacturer: heavyweight needlepunched geotextiles for coastal defence and membrane protection uses.  

m-George Black Textile Group  

Agent: represents overseas principals, offering fibres, yarns, fabrics and textile machinery to the Australian textile industry.  a-Geospec Ltd 

Materials testing laboratory.  p-Geosynthetica  

On-line geosynthetics technical information resource containing: technical guidance documents, specifications, standards information, publications database, news, events and directory.  

m-Gerber Technology  

m-Gerber Technology Ltd  

Computer-aided pre-production, design, manufacturing, spreading. Offering automation solutions to a variety of industries: such as composites, industrial fabrics and aerospace.  

m-Gervois SA  

m-Gesamtverband der deutschen  Textil- und Modeindustrie eV  

a-Ghent University  

Education, research, services to the textile industry.  

m-Gibaud SA  

m-Gilbos nv  

Single-end winders, assembly winders, air entanglers, air twisters for technical yarns.  

m-Girmes IN-Tex GmbH KG  

m-Glenro Inc  

Manufactures industrial drying ovens, infra-red heaters and ovens, and thermal oxidizers for process heating nonwovens and technical textiles. Also offers flatbed fabric laminating machines.  

a-Global Textile Partner (GTP)  

Service and consultancy for weaving machinery. Spare parts. Training. Repairs. Second-hand machinery sales. 

m-Glo-Tex International Inc  

Manufacturer of acrylic polymers, flame retardants, adhesive webs, softeners, wetting agents, and fire barrier chemistry.  m-Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH  

Development, manufacture and sales of filtration systems for plastic melts as well as transducers for melt pressure and temperature measurements  

m-Goulston Technologies Inc  

Manufacturer of lubricants for makers of synthetic fibres as well as surface treatments for nonwovens.  

m-Griffine Enduction  

m-Gromax International Ltd  

Offers a complete range of spunbond polypropylene and other advanced technical fabrics. Specialists in agricultural crop covers and building materials. Re-rolling, slitting and conversion facilities available. 

m-Groupemente Textil du Nord (GTN)  

m-Groz-Beckert KG  

Machinery and equipment: needles for various textile processes and systems.  

m-Grupo Cydsa SA de CV  

m-Gualchierani Textile Automation  

Bale presses, spinning and filament automation.  

m-Guelph Twines Ltd  

m-Gurit Suprem  

Manufacturer: unidirectional fibre-reinforced thermoplastic prepregs for transportation, composites, construction, medical and hygiene, and other industrial uses.  

m-Gütermann AG  

High-quality sewing threads for garments, technical texiles and automobiles.  

m-H. Hergeth GmbH  

Bale tie cutters and pluckers for all types of fibre; openers single and multiroll; beltscales; foreign matter elimination systems; flat-screen camera systems for web inspection.  

m-H. Stoll GmbH & Co  

Machinery builder: flat-knitting units for manufacturing medical, composite, transportation, automotive interior and body protection fabrics.  
m-H.B. Fuller Europe  

Adhesives and specialty products for high-performance applications including ultraviolet-curable systems, and medical plasters and bandages.  

m-H.K.O. Isolier- und Textiltechnik GmbH  

Production of technical fabrics for thermal insulation.  

m-Haberkorn A. & Co GmbH  

Hoses, belts, webbings and braidings. 

m-Hanf-Faser-Fabrik Uckermark GmbH  

m-Hasler Textil AG  

Producer of all warp-knitted fabrics, specialized in high-visibility security fabrics (EN 471 and EN 343); platform fabrics; curtain and rollerblind fabrics; lingerie fabrics; powernet fabrics (tulle); backing fabrics; and pocketing fabrics.  

m-Hastem GmbH  

Producer of slat and needleslat aprons for nonwovens and woollen and spinning mills.  

m-Hastem Transportbänder GmbH  


Machinery and equipment: slatted aprons for fibre transport; conveyor belts for nonwovens.  

m-Heavytex RT  

m-Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc  

Jets for air-interlacing and texturing.  

m-Heck Filtertechnische Anlagen  

m-Helix Technology Inc  

m-Herculite Products Inc  

Manufacturer: reinforced, high performance and laminated fabrics for industrial, recreational and healthcare use. Brand names include Sure-CHEK®, Bantex®, Architent® and Aqua-tex®.  

m-Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co KG  

m-Heywinkel Julius GmbH Textil- und Kunststoffwerk  

Weavingcoating. Single/multiple layer fabrics, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PUR), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polypropylene (PP) and rubber (Alcryn) in a variety of widths and thicknesses.  

m-Highland Industries  

Distributor: markets fabrics manufactured by Highland Industries, USA, for industrial textile applications, including automotive, aerospace, military, leisure and safety sectors.  m-Highland Industries Inc  

Manufacturer of textile fabrics for industrial and speciality applications, including automotive, aerospace, military, roofing, general laminating, cleanroom, air-holding, and radiofrequency/heat-sealable.  

m-Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH  

Development and manufacture of fibre reinforcements (preforms) for composites.  

m-HIP-MITSU - High Industrial Performances Srl  

Coating and laminating equipment and systems for the industrial applications of polymers and adhesives.  

m-Hollinee Glass Fibers  

Producer of glass fibre (continuous strand and filament mat). 

m-Hollingsworth & Vose Co  

Manufacturer: roll-goods, including nonwovens, for electronic, and filtration and separation uses.  


Manufacturer: industrial fibres, composites.  

m-Honeywell CWS  

Online gauge measurement and control of web products to improve quality, lower raw material use and reduce scrap.  

m-Honeywell Performance Fibers  

Manufacturer: industrial fibres.  m-Honeywell Performance Fibers  

m-Hoogland Emil GmbH  

m-Hornik Fibertech  

m-Hoza Cutter GmbH  

m-HSGM Heißschneidegeräte und -Maschinen GmbH  m-Huizen Industrial Fibers bv  

m-Humantec Industriesysteme GmbH  


Bench top, portable and on-line colour measurement systems that measure a wide range of textile products including fibre, yarn, rope and fabric.  

m-Hunziker AG  

m-Ibena Textilwerke Beckann GmbH & Co  

m-Ibis International  

m-IBR Srl-Industria Bergamasca Rifrangenti Srl  

a-I-Corp International Inc  

Consultant: specializing in construction, performance information, technological developments in geosynthetic sector.  

m-Ideal Fibres & Fabrics Komen SA  

Producer of geotextiles, agrotextiles, packaging materials and technical textiles.  

m-Ideal Fibres & Fabrics Wielsbeke  

Research and development, testing, standards and certification. Educational establishment.  

m-IMS Kunststoff GmbH  

m-Indigo Retail Solutions  

m-Industex Group  

a-Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)  

Trade association representing companies involved in the international speciality fabrics industry.  

m-Industrial Sedo SA  

a-Industrial Textile Associates LLC  

Technical assistance for product development.  

m-Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd  

Producer of technical textiles and special fabrics. Materials include coated fabrics, reinforced films, co-extruded films, knitted and woven fabrics, nonwoven and multi-form composites.  

m-Industrias Mabel  

Producers of eyelets, washers and riveting machines  

m-Industrias Ponsa SA  

Manufacturer of narrow fabrics for industrial purposes, tape and webbing, multifilament polypropylene yarn for lifting systems, reusable and one-way slings, lashing systems, ratchets and towbars, and occupational safety equipment.  

m-Innovatec Kunstoffverbeitung GmbH  

Manufacturer: meltblown and composite roll-goods in polypropylene, polyethylene and other thermoplastic polymers for wipes, oil absorbers, filtration media and building and medicare applications.  

m-Inotex GmbH  

m-Inspec Fibres GmbH Polyimide solution fibres and filaments (P84) and polyphenylene sulphide fibres and filaments (Procon PPS).  

a-Institut Français Textile Habillement (IFTH)  

Research and testing laboratories, technical assistance and expertise in the field of technical textiles.  a-Institut für Textil und Verfahrenstechnik ITV Denkendorf  

a-Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen  

University.  a-Institut tBU  Testing institute.  

a-Institute for Textile and Clothing Technology  

Educational establishment: research. a-Instytut Wlokiennictwa (Textile Research Institute  

Carries out research, testing, standards and certification work in nonwovens and fibre technology sectors. Organizes seminars and carries out research in textile wet treatment/finishing, dyeing and polymer processing.  m-Interfloor Ltd  

Manufacturer: textile-reinforced rubber products. (Tomkins Group).  

m-Interhaco bv  

m-Intermembrane bv  

m-International Fiber Journal  

Trade publication serving the fibre industry worldwide.  

m-International Newsletters Ltd  

Publishers of Advances in Textiles Technology, Medical Textiles and Technical Textiles International. Conference organizers. Book and report publishers.  

m-International Paper Co  

Paper and forest products, including packaging.  

a-Intertek Testing Services - Labtest  

Testing and inspecting textiles and garments, footwear and leather goods to trade or international standards. Code of conduct and consultancy services available.  

m-Interwofa bv  


m-Inventex Spezialtextilwerk Funke  

Specialist for woven and knitted fabrics from Kevlar in Europe. Range of specialized fabrics for protective garments, gloves and sports equipment.  


Manufacturer of polyester high-tenacity, high- and low-denier industrial (HDI and LDI) filament yarns.  


Manufacturer of polyester high-tenacity, high- and low-denier industrial (HDI and LDI) filament yarns.  


High-tenacity, heavy-denier industrial (HDI) polyester filament yarns, polyester and polyamide tyrecord fabrics, and polyester staple fibres for industrial uses.  


Manufacturer of polyester staple products for industrial uses.  


Manufacturer of high-tenacity polyester low-denier industrial (LDI) filaments, principally for sewing thread end-uses.  


Manufacturer of high-tenacity, high-denier industrial (HDI) polyester filament yarn and polyester staple for industrial uses.  


Manufacturer of polyester high-tenacity, high- and low-denier industrial (HDI and LDI) filament yarns.  m-Invista Resins & Fibers GmbH & Co KG  Producer of commodity and speciality fibres, polymers and intermediates. Supplier into technical markets such as tyre, mechanical rubber goods, weaving and sewing threads.  

m-IQ Textiles (C-Teq Division)  

Supplier of advanced performance textiles for workwear, protective wear and outdoor markets. Range of woven and knitted breathable and fire-retardent fabrics.  

m-IQ Textiles (Diffusion Textiles Division)  

Manufacturer of waterproof-breathable fabrics for sports and workwear, military, safety and protection, and medical/hygiene sectors.  m-Irema Ireland  

High-filtration facemasks and air-filtration media.  

m-Iro AB  

m-Isotex SpA  

m-ISRA Plastic Vision GmbH  

m-ISRA Surface Vision Inc  

m-Isra Vision Systems AG  

m-ITS Publishing  

m-ITW Dynatec  

Manufacturer of hotmelt and cold glue applicator equipment.  

m-J&D Wilkie  

Manufacturer of woven, knitted and nonwoven technical textiles made from polyester, polyamide, aramid, modified acrylics and spun blend yarns.  m-J&M Laboratories  

Machinery builder: spunbonding, meltblown, and hot-melt adhesive equipment.  

m-J.Zimmer Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.  

Rotary screen printing machines with single and multiple rotary screens for coating and bonding of textiles and other substrates.  

m-J.B. Broadley  

Commission coater: applies weatherproof, breathable lining membrane systems for apparel, coatings for industrial fabrics, and polyurethane films to leather splits. Roll-goods for medical, hygiene, military, sports and leisure use.  

m-J.H. vom Baur Sohn  

Seamless woven tubular sleeves up to 300 mm in diameter. Tapes and tubular sleeves for plastic reinforcement and advanced composites. Tapes and belts.  

m-J.H. Ziegler GmbH & Co KG  

Nonwoven roll-goods for automotive, furniture and general industrial uses. Mainly customized for specific applications.  

m-J.R. Crompton Ltd  

Manufacturer: wet-laid nonwovens for medical and industrial wipes and substrates for industrial fabrics and tapes.  

m-J.T. Inglis & Sons Ltd Finisher: dyes, finishes and converts natural and man-made fibre fabrics for use in medical, hygiene, military, safety and protection, sports and leisure, transport, and general industrial applications.  m-Jacob Cowen & Sons Ltd  

Natural fibre and synthetic nonwovens: polyester thermal-bonded waddings, needlepunched felts, laminates, cotton waddings, orthopaedic bandages, cotton wools and absorbents.  

m-Jacob Holm Industries (France) SAS  

m-Jacob Holm Industries (Germany) GmbH  

Speciality needlepunched and spunlaced nonwoven roll goods, including microfibres, cotton materials and composites. Main applications are artificial leather, coatings, automotive uses, cosmetics/hygiene, and household and industrial wipes.  

m-Jaeger Gebrüder GmbH  Technical textiles mainly for the footwear and automotive industries.  

m-Jakob Härdi AG  

Manufacturer: nonwoven fabrics for gas and liquid filtration, noise abatement, upholstery, laminates, lingerie, workwear and carpet underlay, as well as consumer fabrics.  

m-Jakob Müller AG  

Warping and making-up machines. Weaving and warp crochet knitting machines for making narrow fabrics such as ribbons, belts, hook and loops, nets and labels. Label weaving machines.  

m-Jakob Weiss & Söhne Nachf GmbH  

m-James Dewhurst GmbH  

m-James Dewhurst Ltd  

Manufacturer: woven and laid reinforcement scrim fabrics in glass, polyester and polyamide for various sectors including flooring, roofing, paper and foil insulation.  

m-James Holdsworth & Brothers Ltd  

m  Jason Mills Inc Manufacturer: roll-goods for agricultural, horticultural, filtration, separation, transportation, sports and leisure, and various industrial uses.  

a-Jeanologia SL  

R and D and consultancy centre which provides technological solutions for the garment processing industry (manufacturing, garment washing, garment dyeing and high-tech finishing)  

m-Jentschmann AG  

m-Jerseys Bugis SA Division  Tissus Techniques (SEMTT)  

Manufacturer: circular knit roll-goods for filtration and separation, medical and hygiene, military, and safety and protection applications.  m-

John Boyle & Co Inc  

m-John Heathcoat & Co Ltd 

Weavers, knitters, dyers and finishers of technical fabrics and meshes. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.  m-Johns Manville Europe GmbH  

m-Johns Manville Ltd  

UK distributor: Johns Manville polyester spunbondeds and monofilaments.  

m-Johns Manville Sales GmbH  

Glass fibre nonwovens, polyester spunbonds, glass fibre fabrics, glass fibre sliver, yarns, twisted yarns, cabled yarns, wrapped yarns and texturized rovings.  

m-Joint International bv  

Agents and dealers of nonwovens, upgraded nonwovens and laminating media.  m-Joint Stock Company Polotsk-Steklovolokno  

Glass fibre and glass fibre-based products: chopped glass fibre, glass yarns, glass meshes and glass fabrics, rovings, and glass needlefelts. Also products from silica fibre.  

m-Jomar Softcorp International  

m-Joseph Pernick Manufacturing Corp  

Manufactures fabric inspection machines for knitted, elastic, woven and nonwoven fabrics including width-monitoring systems, metallic labels and label applicators.  

m-Jowat Lobers u. Frank GmbH & Co KG  

m-Junkers & Müllers GmbH Textildrucke  

Fashion and related textiles information site  

m-Juta AS  

m-Jyoti Overseas Ltd  

Manufacturer and exporter of technical, industrial, home furnishing and apparel, careerwear, safety wear, textiles and articles thereof. m-K. Suhr AS  

m-Kalff Vliesstoffe GmbH  

Manufacturer: nonwoven roll-goods for various industrial uses.  

m-Kanebo Goshen Ltd  Kanebo Ltd  Manufacturer.  
Manufacturer: industrial fibres.  m-Kapp-Chemie GmbH  
Development, production, distribution of special chemical products for the textile and paper industries. Service company for other chemical companies.  

m-Kappler Inc  

Manufacturer: roll-goods for construction, composites, medical, hygiene, protection and other industrial uses.  

m-Karl Mayer Malimo Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH  

Production, sales and service of stitch-bonding machines for web and thread processing. Multiaxial machines, special Karl Mayer raschel and warp-knitting machines with weft-insertion device, package creels and circular looms.  

m-Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH  

Machinery and equipment: tricot machinery and Raschel unit, and warping equipment. Creels for use in weaving and warp-knitting preparatory and fibre production. Stitchbonding equipment, circular looms.  

m-Kaschier- und Laminier GmbH  

m-Kastilo Technische Gewebe-Vertriebs-GmbH  

m-Katradis Marine Ropes SA 

Manufacturer of mooring ropes and sacrificial anodes. All kinds of wire ropes and marine-related products.  

m-Kemex bv  

Manufacturer: nonwoven roll-goods for medical uses.  

m-Kermel Benelux 

Benelux agent: 
Aramid fibres produced by Kermel (France) for protective apparel used by firefighters, police, armed services and industry.  

m-Kermel France  

Manufacturer of aramid fibres specifically for clothing to protect against heat and flames.  

m-Kermel Germany  

German agent: aramid fibres produced by Kermel (France) for protective apparel used by firefighters, police, armed services and industry.  

m-Kermel Italia  

Italian agent: aramid fibres produced by Kermel (France) for protective apparel used by firefighters, police, armed services and industry.  m-

Kermel NA  

US agent: aramid fibres produced by Kermel (France) for protective apparel used by firefighters, police, armed services and industry.  

m-Kermel UK  

UK agent for European manufacturer of meta-aramid fibres dedicated to protective clothing.  

m-Khosla Profil Pvt Ltd  

Manufacturers of industrial and technical textiles in polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, cotton and polyester/cotton blends for uses such as filtration.  

m-King's Metal Fibre Technologies Co Ltd 

m-Kirson Industrial Reinforcements  

m-Klappenbach GmbH  

m-Kleinewefers Kunststoffanlagen GmbH  

m-Kleinewefers Textilmaschinen GmbH  

Manufacturer of calenders and wet-finishing machines.  

m-Klevers GmbH & Co KG  

Glass weaver and coater for technical textiles.  m-

Klieverik Heli bv  

m-Klopman International  

Manufacturer: fabric for workwear, protective wear and casual apparel.  

m-Kobe Steel Ltd  

Machinery builder: spunbonding and meltblowing lines. Unique twin-screw extruder system.  

m-Koch Membranen GmbH  

Textile architecture.  

m-Kock Gebr. Spinnerei GmbH & Co  

m-Kolon Industries Inc  

European sales office technical fibre, non-woven factic and tyre-cord fabric.  

m-Kolon Industries Inc  

Industrial material business division.  

m-Konus Konex doo  

Filters, conveyor belts, synthetic leather, wipes.  

m-Kordsa Sabanci Dupont  Endustriyel IplikVe Kord Bezi Sanayi  

Manufacturer of high-tenacity polyamide 66 yarn, tyrecord fabric and industrial fabric.  

a-Kortec GmbH  

Project management for technology and marketing, specializing in the hygiene supply industry technologies and suppliers of folding and festooning lines.  


High-tenacity polyester filament yarns, polyester and polyamide tyrecord fabrics, and polyester staple fibres for industrial uses.  

m-Krelus AG  

Machinery and equipment: infra-red heating systems for use in drying, printing, coating and laminating.  

m-Krüss GmbH  

Measuring instruments for the determination of surface and interfacial tension of liquids, and surface free energy of solids.  

a-K's Technical  

K's Technical is a service provider in Technical Textiles and Nonwovens. Having many years of national and international experience, the company assists in technical consultancy, technology tie-ups, etc in the areas of reinforcements, coated fabrics, medical disposables, wipes, geo-textiles and other products.  

m-KSL GmbH Keilmann  h


m-Kurabo Industries Ltd 

Manufacturer: industrial textiles.  

m-Kuraray Co Ltd  

Producer: polyvinylalcohol fibres and resins, including water soluble, high tenacity and splittable fibres.  

m-Kuris-Wastema International  

Manufacturer of textile spreading and cutting systems, from manual to automatic computer numerically controlled (CNC) driven machinery, including computer-aided design (CAD) software.  

m-Kynol Europa GmbH  

Supplier: Kynol novoloid fibres, yarn, fabrics, needlefelts and hydroentangled nonwovens, knitted materials. Kynol carbon and activated carbon products.  

m-L. Giffard SA  

Manufacturer: disposable respirators and filtering elements.  

m-La Plastiveneta SpA  

Production of polyvinyl chloride-coated fabrics for such as: frame-supported and air-inflated structures, advertising banners, sun awnings, swimming pools, tarpaulins for trucks, market tents, and gazebos.  

m-Laboratoire Lohmann & Rauscher  Richard Fréres SA  


m-Labsphere Inc  

Machinery builder: ultraviolet transmittance analyser for ultraviolet protective factor analysis of fabrics.  

m-Lacom Vertriebs GmbH Laminating and Coating Machines  

Machinery builder: laminating, scatter and hot-melt coating systems and machinery. Aqueous dispersion and solvent-based coating systems. Thermal-bonding calendars. Chemical-bonding lines.  

m-Laei Saz  

m-Lamb Knitting Machine Corp  

Narrow fabric flat-knitting machines, small diamater weft-knitting machines and knit braiders (circular warp).  

m-Landskroon bv Technical Fabrics  

Technical fabrics and ready-made products such as tarpaulins, covers and bags of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyvinyl chloride or cotton. Coated or laminated. Woven or knitted.  

m-Lanex AS.  

Flexible intermediate bulk containers; textile ropes (mooring, fishing and other industries); climbing ropes; industrial ropes; caving ropes; paper-carrier ropes; high-tenacity polypropylene fibres.  

m -Lankhorst/Indutech bv  

m-Lantor (UK) Ltd  

Needlepunched chemical- and thermal-bonded nonwovens for medical and industrial uses. Nuclear, biological and chemical protective nonwovens, medical dressings, orthopaedic paddings, activated charcoal filters, and steam sterilisation test packs.  

m-Lantor bv  

High added-value nonwovens for industrial applications in the cable, composites, automotive, construction and packaging industries.  

m-Lantor Universal Carbon Fibres  

Manufacturer: Panotex® fire and heat resistant fabrics. Inherently fire resistant and high performance fabrics for special applications.  

m-Laroche SA  

Nonwovens mat forming. Three-dimensional nonwoven structures. Bast fibre processing. Fibre dosing and blowing equipment. Special machines for disposable products. Machines for recycling textiles waste.  

m-Leco-Werke GmbH & Co KG  



The supply and support of total computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing solutions to all textile industries.  



Manufacturer of needlefelts and thermally bonded nonwovens.  

m-Leesona Industries  

Take-up winders, re-winders and spooling winders for technical fibres and yarns.  

m-Leibniz-Institut- fuer Polymerforschung Dresden eV  

Application-oriented research on polymers including chemical synthesis, modification, characterization/testing, and studies on polymer processing; for instance, melt-spinning, composites, interface-induced problems and biointerfaces.  

m-Lema Srl  

m-Lemaire & Cie  

m-Lenko SA  

m-Lentex SA  

Nonwovens, mainly for civil engineering, automotive industry, sanitary and hygienic applications, and cleaning wipes.  

m-Lenzi Egisto SpA  h


m-Lenzing AG  

Producer of a comprehensive range of viscose, modal and lyocell fibres. Speciality versions including chlorine-free, flame-retardant and microfibres for a wide range of applications.  

m-Lenzing Lyocell GmbH & Co KG  

Producer: lyocell staple fibre.  

m-Liba Maschinenfabrik GmbH  

Warp-knitting machines including multiaxial and warping units.  

m-Libeltex AB  

Manufacturer: chemical- and thermal-bonded, stitched and needlepunched nonwovens for air filtration, automotive, construction and medical sectors.  

m-Libeltex nv  

Manufacturer: nonwoven roll-goods for construction, filtration and separation, geotextile, medical, hygiene, military, pool lining, automotive, safety and protection, apparel and other uses. Co-development with customer of tailor-designed nonwovens  

m-Lincoln Fabrics Ltd  

Manufacturer: broad woven industrial fabrics for high performance technical end-use applications, including protective apparel, automotive and filtration, using aramid fibres, polyesters, and nylons.  

m-Lindauer Dornier GmbH  Machinery and equipment: weaving machines. Also dryers.  

m-Lindemann Robert KG  

m-LineTech Industries Inc  

Manufacturer of vision inspection systems for the textile industry, including pilling grading system (PillGrade), bobbin inspection systems (PIXL), and colour inspection systems (Color).  

m-Linpac Materials Handling GmbH  

Manufacture a complete range of materials handling containers, especially for the storage and transport of nonwoven materials in the hygiene industry.  

m-Locke Group  

Distributor: exporters supplying performance fabrics and trouser components to countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, The Middle East and Asia.  

m-Lohmann GmbH & Co KG  

Manufacturer: thermal-, print-, chemical-, resin-bonded and needlepunched nonwoven roll-goods for medical, hygiene, automotive, roofing, electrical and other industrial applications. Also, nonwoven beltings and wet and dry filtration media.  

m-Lohmann Vliesstoffe GmbH & Co KG  

m-Lojigma International Ltd  

Distributor: roll-goods for medical, hygiene and various industrial uses, including ready-made surgical gowns, drapes and hospital uniforms.  m-

Longclose Group Ltd  

Batch dyeing and bleaching machinery.  

m-Lows of Dundee Ltd  

Distributor: waterproof coated fabrics; industrial textiles for horticultural and agricultural applications.  

m-LTG Inc  htt


Manufacturer of dust collection, waste handling and air-conditioning equipment, and fans.  

m-Luminous Technologies Ltd  

Manufacturer: glow in the dark pigment pastes and of luminous flame-resistant polyvinyl chloride coated nylon.  

m-Lutz GmbH & Co KG  

Chopper blades for manmade staple and glass fibre.  

m-Luxilon Industries nv  

Manufacturer of special and high-technology monofilaments in all materials from 0.05 to 5 mm. Also separation and thermo-bonding yarns.  

m-LYS-Fabrics nv  

m-M&J Fibretech AS  

Supplier of turnkey air-laid plants, Air-laid web forming systems; air-laid pilot lines; and fluff pulp defibration systems.  

m-M&M Electric Service Co Inc  

m-MA.RE SpA  

m-Machinefabriek van Wees  

Engineering, building and commissioning of custom-made machines for lamination, coating, crossply, controlling and winding. Delivery of turn-key production lines.  


Synthetic twines, cords and ropes of different materials for technical applications.  

m-Mahalaxmi Rubtech Ltd  

Textile printing blankets, rubber-coated fabrics and light-duty conveyor beltings.  

m-Mahlo America Inc  

m-Mahlo GmbH & Co KG  

Manufacturer of: electronic monitoring and control systems for the textile finishing and nonwovens industry (weft-course control, pattern control, process monitors, weight, coating and thickness control).  

m-Marioboselli Yarns SpA  

m-Marketing Technology Service  

m-Martin Automatic Inc  

Automatic splicing unwinds, automatic transfer rewinds, tension control and web-handling systems.  

Machinery builder: coating systems, drying systems.  m-Massen machine vision systems GmbH  

m-Masturlal Pvt Ltd  

Manufacturer of needlefelts and filter bags for gas filtration, woven industrial textiles, safety clothing, and more.  

m-Mazzaferro Monofilamentos Tecnicos Ltda  

Technical monofilaments.  

m-MBS Composites 

m-Meadowbrook Inventions Inc  

Angelina fibre is a luminescent, sparkling, soft, special effects, staple fibre suitable for all spinning systems and nonwovens. General classifications include clear, iridescent, holographic and metalized polyester and metals.  

m-Meccaniche Moderne SpA  

Machinery and equipment: fibre production equipment, spunbonding and meltblown units.  

m-Meech Static Eliminators  

m-Mehler Engineered Products GmbH  

m-Mehler Haku GmbH  

m-Melba Industries  

Manufacturer: high-technology, high-performance technical fabrics, wovens, warp and weft-knits. Specialist in fire/safety, military and transportation applications.  


m-Menzel Karl Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co  

a-Messe Frankfurt GmbH  

With more than 100 international events each year, Messe Frankfurt is one of the world's leading exhibition companies. Technical textiles are a particular focus.  

m-Messe Frankfurt Inc  

m-Mexim SA  

Supplier of natural fibres (jute, coir, sisal and hemp) and by-products for the geotextile, packaging, rope-making, nonwovens, carpet and shoe industries.  

m-Meyer Herbert GmbH Maschinenfabrik  

m-Mezger Inc  

Agent for Lenzing Instruments, Zweigle Instruments, Projectina, Broell, Retech AG, C&L, Sossna Spinnerets, Elmer Spinnerets, Haag, Pinter, United Wax Co, Wagner, Texmer and Derix.  

m-Microban International  

Chemicals: anti-bacterial.  

m-Miederhoff Franz OHG  

m-Miller Weldmaster Corp  

Rotary hot-air wedge seaming technology, with machines capable of welding many different materials.  

m-Milliken Europe nv 

Manufacturer: roll-goods for composites, construction, military, printing and papermaking, and transportation applications. Also, colorants and clarifiers.  

m-Milliken Industrials Ltd  

Manufacturer of airbag fabrics for the automotive industry and industrial textiles for the tyre and rubber industry.  

m-Mitop AS  h


Manufacturer: needlepunched and conventional felt materials for geotextile, papermaking, laundry and other industrial applications.  

m-Mitsubishi Rayon  

Manufacturer: industrial fibres.  

m-Mogotex  tp://  

Production of polyester and blended fabrics.  

m-Mogul Spunbond-Meltblown Nonwovens  

Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven (motex) coloured, treated grades available. Ultrasonically bonded-calandered meltblown and composite fabrics. Polyester spunbond (mopet) flat-point bonded fabrics, coloured/treated grades.  

m-Montell Polyolefins nv  

Producer: olefin polymers and resins.  

m-Monti Antonio SpA  

m-Morchem SA  

Producers of Polyurethane adhesives and coatings for textile lamination and coating, synthetic leather and leather finishing. m-Morrison Textile Machinery Co  

Machinery and equipment: rolls, calenders, coating and dyeing units. Nonwovens.  


m-Motte Spinning Co SA  

Long staple worsted spinning and open-end spinning mill mainly supplying manufacturers of upholstery velvet and automotive fabrics. Also supplies flame-retardent and chemical-resistant yarns.  

m-MP Engineering Srl  

Coating and laminating machines, including complete lines: powder scattering, powder/paste dot-coating machines, hot-melt adhesive coating and laminating machines, flame laminators, knife-coating machines.  

m-Muehlmeier GmbH & Co KG  

Glass fibre mats, rovings, nonwovens and wovens for reinforced composites.  

m-Muetze Textilband GmbH & Co 

m-Multifabs Survival Ltd  

Cold-water survival apparel for aviation, maritime, military, emergency services, offshore oil and gas industries.  

m-Münchberger Band- und Gurtweberei GmbH 

m-Munchy Ltd  

Machinery and equipment: plastics reprocessing and recycling machinery.  

m-Munich Expo GmbH  

m-Murata Machinery Ltd  

Machinery builder.  

m-Mustang Survival R&D  

Protective clothing - research,design and manufacture.  

m-N. Schlumberger & Cie  

m-N. Schlumberger (UK) Ltd  

Supplier: UK sales of NSC nonwovens equipment (Thibeau cards, Asselin cross-lappers and needlelooms). 

m-Naish Felts Ltd 

Converter: washers, strips and gaskets based mainly on textile materials.  

m-Nam Liong Enterpris Co Ltd  

m-Nanhai Nonwovens Fabrics Co Ltd  

Manufacturer: nonwovens.  

m-Narcote LLC  

m-National Starch and Chemical Co  

Manufacturer: speciality resin binders, saturants and finishing agents for textiles and nonwovens.  

m-National Starch and Chemical Co  

Manufacturer of speciality resin binders, saturants and finishing agents for textiles and nonwovens.  m-Naue Fasertechnik GmbH  

Manufacturer: geotextile roll-goods for ground, landfill and waterway applications. Also civil engineering and tunnel-lining materials.  

m-Nebon Carle Vassoilles NCV  

Manufacturer: woven (shuttle, rapier, air-jet and water-jet systems) roll-goods for use in composites, medical, hygiene, military, protection and sports applications. Coating, laminating and dyeing facilities.  

m-Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH  

Automation equipment such as daffer, package transport, palletizing and packing systems. Fabric winding machines, batching motions. a-Newtex cluster  

Technical, functional and smart textiles in the Rhône-Alpes region with an interactive directory of all the companies, labs and training centres acting in this field of activity. 

m-Nexcel Synthetics  

m-Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen (NGR) GmbH  

m-NGF Europe Ltd  

Manufacturer: glass fibre papers for air filtration and battery separators.  


m-Nippon Kynol Inc  

Supplying novoloid fibres for nonwovens. Also roll-goods made with novoloid fibres for composites, filtration and separation, and safety and protection applications.  m-Nobilis Textil GmbH  a-Nonwovens Fabric Transaction and Development Center  

A professional trade centre dedicated to creating bridges connecting domestic and overseas nonwoven producers and traders 

p-Nonwovens Report International 

Monthly magazine on nonwoven materials industry a-Nonwovens Research Group  

Research and development of nonwoven processes and products. Extensive pilot-scale machinery as well as testing and fabric characterization facilities. Educational and consultancy services.  


Complete system solutions for hot-melt adhesive applications. Products include melters, slot and spray guns, electronic pattern controllers and heated hoses.  

m-Nordson Fiber Systems Europe  

European sales and service office for US-based parent company. Equipment producer for spunbond, meltblown and multifilament systems.  m-Norpak Sales Ltd  

Semi-automatic bag opening and sealing machines featuring on line labelling. 

m-Norsk Titanduk AS  

m-Nova Tech International LLC  

Machinery and equipment: hot knife cutting equipment, strip cutters and automatic hot knives and guillotines, webbing cutters and custom machining. Winding, measuring and slitting units.  

m-Novaceta SpA 

m-Novaseal Corporation  

Machinery and equipment: wedge welders and impulse welders for high speed seaming of synthetic woven and nonwoven materials and flexible plastics including hand-held GT-100/101, walk behind GT-200 and automatic GT-300/500.  


m-Noveon Europe BVBA  

Noveon is a leading global producer of advanced specialty chemicals, polymer-based formulations, and chemical additives for a broad range of consumer and industrial applications.  

m-Novita SA  

m-Nowo Textile Machinery Posinor Oy  

Designs and manufactures fibre processing production lines: integrated, patented ball fibre and cushion/pillow filling and quilting lines.  m-Nuova Roj Electrotex Srl  

m-nv Gevaert Bandweverij SA  

m-nv Seyntex  

Production and commercialization of protective textiles, clothing and equipment.  

m-Nylon de Mexico SA  


Producers of polyamide textile yarn and polyamide microfibre.  

m-Nylstar Inc  

m-Obeikan Technical Fabrics Co Ltd Production of technical fabrics for flexible face and architectural applications. Polyvinyl chloride-coated polyester fabrics; polytetrafluoroethylene-coated glass fibre fabrics and silicone-coated glass fibre.  

m-Ommi SpA  

Fibre blending plants for woollen spinning, nonwovens, top making, high pile, semi-worsted, and pillow fillings, and rag and waste reclamation plants. 

m-Optimer Performance Fibers Inc Research and development of polymer and textile products.  

m-Orian Yarns  

Fibre producer: polypropylene yarn.  

m-Orizio Paolo SpA  

m-ORV SpA (Industrie Maurizio Peruzzo)  

Production of felts and waddings for furnishing and clothing, nonwovens, thermo-acoustic insulating panels and filter media. 

m-Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik KG  

Machinery builder: wide range of needlelooms, including pre- and finish needling units, and structuring units, and papermakers felt machines. Complete nonwovens lines.  

m-Osprey Corp  

Complete engineering and in-house manufacturing of process air systems. Manufacture of Machinery. Drum Filters for dust control, Separators, 
Balers, Lint Collectors, and Condenser for the textile industry.  

m-Outlast Asia  

Phase change-based temperature regulation system for fibres and fabrics.  

m-Outlast Europe GmbH  

Phase change-based temperature regulation system for fibres and fabrics. 

m-Outlast Technologies Inc 

Phase change-based temperature regulation system for fibres and fabrics.  

m-Owens Corning Veil Netherlands bv  

Manufacturer: wet-laid nonwovens for industrial use.  

m-Oxford Instruments—Industrial Analysis Group  

Machinery builder: quality control  

m-Oy Scantarp AB  

m-Ozark Systems  

Machinery builder: gravimetric and volumetric dispensing systems for dyehouses and colour shops, including systems used to supply dyeing, washing and bleaching operations. Also powder checkweigh systems, mixers and mixing systems.  

m-Palmhive Technical Textiles Ltd  

Manufacturer: Raschel and warpknitted roll-goods for a wide range of industrial applications. ISO 9002 accredited.  

m-Pantex Group  

Thermo-bonded, chemically bonded and airthrough bonded, perforated film and perforated nonwovens, laminated backsheet and spunlaced for such applications as feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, panty liners, wet wipes and adult incontinence pads.  

m-Paper Converting Machine Co  

Machinery for absorbent disposable products, such as adult briefs, underpads and baby diapers, as well as machinery for converting nonwovens into many kinds of wipes, wet and dry.  

m-Parabeam Industrie & Handelsonderneming bv  

Manufacturer: three-dimensional woven glass fabric.  

m-Parkes Hannifin GmbH Electromachanicat Automachen  

m-Parkinson Technologies Inc  

Machinery builder: inspection, rewind, unwind, roll-handling units.  


Design and manufacture of crossflow membrane filtration systems for the concentration and separation of textile fluids and effluents.  m-P-D 

Interglas Technologies AG 

m-Pearson International Polyolefin yarns. High-performance polyethylene yarn used for antiballistic purposes, high-performance ropes and technical textiles.  

m-Pegas AS  

m-Pennel & Flipo  

m-Pennine Fibre Industries Ltd  

Polyester staple fibre and hollow fibres. Producer of masterbatch dyed colours, black staple fibres and speciality tow products. m-Peplos Nuove Lavorazioni Tessili SpA  

m-percon Unternehmensberatungen  

a-Performance Textiles Association  

UK association for industrial textiles  m-Permathene Ltd  

Geosynthetic solutions including geomembranes, geotextiles, gabions, mattresses, geogrids, erosion control and drainage, including design, supply and installation.  

m-PeVeCette AS  

m-Pfaff Industrie Maschinen AG  

m-PGI Nordlys  

m-Pharetra GmbH & Co  

m-Pharr Yarns Inc  

Spinner of a variety of high-performance yarns (also wool blends); many are blended, plied and multi-plied. Processing on short staple, modified worsted, air-jet, and systems for varied end-use markets.  

m-Picanol nv  

Machinery builder: weaving machines  m-Pierret Industries SA  Supplier of cutting machines for textiles and plastics.  


Fibre producer: cutting or grinding fibres for flocking or use in the composition of certain materials.  m-Plaspack Kunststoff GmbH & Co KG  

m-plast consult Ing GmbH  


Transfer-coated fabrics for upholstery, small leather goods, rain and protection clothing, technical and medical applications, and sports articles.  

m-Pliana Inc  

Chenille, novelty, flat, false-twist textured, staple producer in polypropylene (olefin), polyester, polyamide and acrylic.  

m-Ploucquet C.F. GmbH & Co  

Specialist in coating, finishing, laminating and development of technical textiles.  

m-PMM Proveedora Mexicana de Monofilamentos SA de CV  

m-PNR America LLC  

Spray nozzles (hydraulic, air atomizers, tank cleaning, eductors and ultrasonic) and accessories.  

m-Polisilk SA  

Polypropylene multifilament yarns.  

m-Polyamide High Performance GmbH(Airbag Yarns Division)  

Manufacturer of man-made fibres and speciality materials for industrial, textile, medical and hygiene applications.  

m-Polyamide High Performance GmbH(Tire & Technical Yarns Division)  

Manufacturer of man-made fibres and speciality materials for industrial, textile, medical and hygiene applications.  

m-Polyfelt GmbH  

Manufacturer: mechanically bonded continuous filament nonwovens.  

m-Polyloom Corp of America  

m-Polymer Latex GmbH & Co KG  

m-Porcher Industries  

m-Porteret Beaulieu Industrie SA  

m-Porvair International Ltd  

Manufacturers of breathable, waterproof, highly durable membranes and fabrics.  

m-Pozzi Electa SpA  

Spinning and twisting.  

m-PPG Industries  

Fibre producer: glass fibre yarns, rovings and mats.  

m-Precision Fabrics Group Inc  

m-Precision Fabrics Group Inc  

Finishing, coating, laminating, calendering and slitting. Finishing chemistries for speciality nonwovens.  

m-Precision Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd  

m-Preuss Theodor GmbH & Co KG  

Warp-knitted fabrics, flat and tubular 

m-Prismatic Dyeing & Finishing Inc  
Dyeing and finishing, woven and nonwoven.  

m-Probis GmbH  


Development and production of thermobonding films. Coextrusion in polyester, polyurethane, polyamide, polypropylene and polyethylene. Barrier, waterproof and breathable films for heat lamination.  

m-Procotex Corp  

Spinner: natural fibre (bast) open-spun yarns. Also, carding and hackling flax. Recycling synthetic fibres. Felts for automotive use.  

m-Progtex GmbH  

m-Proline Textile  

Laminated fabrics for the public services such as the military, police and firefighters, as well as sports and leisure applications.  

m-Promatech SpA  


Manufacturer: polyamide, polyester, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene, and eva films, nets and webs for use in laminated roll-goods for composites, filtration and separation, packaging, transportation and other industrial uses. 

m-Prym Fashion GmbH & Co KG  

m-Purification Products Ltd  

Manufacturer of activated carbon woven and nonwoven textiles for filters, facemasks, medical dressings, shoes and areas requiring clean charcoal filters.  

m-Quadrant Natural Fiber Composites GmbH  

Production of needlepunched nonwoven from polypropylene (PP)/natural fibre blends and PP/glass fibre blends for interior and exterior trim, mostly for automotive industry.  


Antistatic and antibacterial fibres and yarns (synthetic). Conductive fibres and yarns (stainless steel). Antidust mite fibrefill (synthetic). 

m-R+S Technik GmbH  

m-Radici Fibres Industrial  

Polyamide 6 (PA 6), PA 6.6 and rayon high-tenacity yarns; rayon, PA 6, PA 6.6, polyester (PET) and aramid dipped tyrecord fabrics and single-end cords.  

m-Radici Spandex Corp  

m-Ravel Technology  

Heat sealers for use with high-temperature fluoropolymers such as polytetrafluoroethylene-coated conveyor belts. Specialty fabrication of fluoropolymer materials. Belt installation and training.  

m-Ravensworth Ltd  

m-Redman Card Clothing Co Inc  

Manufacturer of raising wires.  

m-Reeves Brothers Inc  

Commission processors: coat a wide range of textile substrates and offers diverse coating polymers for use in demanding and high performance end use applications.  

m-Reeves SpA  

p-RFP Rubber Fibres Plastics International  

RFP Rubber Fibres Plastics is a technical magazine dedicated to the polymer industry with a main focus on rubber. It stands for practical and application-orientated topics relevant to polymer processors and their suppliers.  

m-Reichhold Chemicals  

Chemicals: moisture-curing polyurethane hot-melt adhesives, and water-based and coatings.  

m-Reifenhauser GmbH & Co Maschinenfabrik  

Machinery and equipment: fibre production, spunbonding, and meltblown lines.  

m-Reliance Industries Ltd  

Polyester filament and staple fibre.  

m-Reliant Machinery Ltd  

Manufacturer: fusing and dry heat laminating machines, fusing machinery, powder coating applicators, infra-red heating tunnels, flexible/rigid laminating production lines, turnkey laminating systems.  

m-Reseda-Binder eK  

Manufacturer of paraffin wax rolls for textile industry.  

m-Resintex Industriale Srl  

Manufacturer: needlepunched, chemical-bonded and laminated nonwovens for apparel, filtration, synthetic leather and coating substrates for agricultural, packaging, disposable, medicare and surgical applications.  

m-Retech Aktiengesellschaft  

Mechanical and electronic components for textile machinery, in particular that for the production of synthetic yarns. On-line monitoring systems and custom-built machines.  

m-Retex AG  

m-Reutter Garne GmbH  

m-Rex Industrie-Produkte Graf von Rex GmbH  

Technical yarns and fabrics, heat-protective and insulation fabric, joint-filling systems, insulation material for building construction, incombustible foam, insulation mattresses and manchettes, industrial friction and sliding materials.  

m-Rhodia AG  

Manufacturer: nonwoven roll-goods including meltblowns for filters and oil sorbent uses.  

m-Rhodia Fibres & Yarns  

Polyamide and polyester products.  

m-Rhodia Industrial Yarns AG  

Producer of industrial yarns and monofilaments for numerous technical applications such as weaving, sewing threads, tyrecords and mechanical rubber goods.  


Producer: chlorofibre (polyvinyl chloride) fibres for use in industrial fabrics (protective clothing, filtration media, nonwovens, food industry). Special versions include antibacterial, anti dust-mite and flame retardant fibres.  

m-Richard Hess MBV GmbH  

m-Ricky Richards (Sales) Pty Lt  
Distributor: coated polyvinyl chloride fabric; industrial polyamides and polyester; woven polyethylene fabrics; canvas fabrics and wide-format print media.  

m-Rieter Automatik GmbH 

Machinery and equipment: fibre production equipment and installations. Cleaning systems for polymer contaminated parts. (Rieter Group, Switzerland.)  

m-Rieter ICBT International  http://www.rieter-icbt 

Machinery and equipment: yarn processing, fabric dyeing and finishing, and hydroentanglement units.  

m-Rieter Machine Works Ltd  

Synthetic fibre spinning, texturing, twisting and cabling systems for textiles, carpet and industrial yarn processes, and glass fibre processes.  

mRieter PerfoJet 

Manufacturer of spunlace (Jetlace 3000) and spunbond (Perfobond 3000) lines, and air-through dryers (Perfodry 3000) for nonwovens.  

m-Rifil SpA  Polypropylene filament yarns from 5.56 to 22.22 tex (50 to 200 denier); high-tenacity from 16.67 to 333.33 tex (150 to 3000 denier); air-textured from 5.56 to 333.333 tex (50 to 3000 denier).  m-Rinco Ultrasonic AG  

m-Riri SA  

Production and sale of high-quality zip fasteners.  


Manufactures polyolefin films for medical, surgical, hygiene and industrial applications.  

m-Robatech AG  

Machinery and equipment: hot-melt application systems (4 to 200 litre tank capacity); cold glue application systems; coating systems; and glueing technology.  

m-Roblon Engineering  

Two-for-one twisters; rope-making machines; heavy-duty winders, winding equipment, and stranders.  

m-Robuso- Stahlwarenfabrik  Buntenbach & Sohn GmbH  

m-Rogers Corp  

Manufacturer: medical and industrial nonwovens.  

m-Rohtex GmbH  

Importers and distributors of manmade staple fibre (polyester, viscose, acrylic) and cotton combers.  

m-Rökona Textilwerk GmbH  

m-Roll Concept  

Design and manufacture of technical rollers, thermal rollers, winding cores and adaptors to process nonwovens, textiles, paper, rubber or plastic films.  

m-Ronile Inc  




m-Rowa GmbH  

Lacquers/finishes for coated products and films.  

m-Royalin GmbH 

Manufacturer: wet-laid roll-goods for filtration, battery separators, coating, and construction applications.  

m-RPR-Officine Meccaniche Riva Srl  

Manufacturer of textile machines for continuous filament; texturing machines, twisters and covering equipment. 

m-RR Rotary AS h


High-quality rotary cutting, creasing, perforating and embossing cylinders and anvils for the packaging (cartons), nonwovens (feminine hygiene), and automotive (battery plates) industries. 

m-Rubberflex Sdn Bhd  

m-Ruther & Einenkel KG  

Curtain tapes, belts, laces, braids, embroidery, and tapes. 

m-Rykneld Tean Ltd  

m-s. Oskar Fischer GmbH  

Weaving preparation machines. m-S.A.T.I. 

m-SaatiTech SpA  

SaatiTech is a manufacturer of precision woven synthetic fabrics for medical, diagnostic, filtration and acoustic applications, for food processing, and for conveyor and dryer belts for textile and screen printing. 

m-Saber Industries Inc  

Machinery and equipment: roll bar and cradle feed spreading machines, manual and computerized spreaders with roll capacities from 250 pounds to 2200 pounds, turntable options available.  

a-Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut eV  

Research and development in several fields: technical textiles; nonwovens/films; warp-knitting/weaving; textile finishing/ecology; textile recycling. Certification centre for personal protective equipment. Accredited test laboratory for textiles.  

m-Saco Lowell LLC  

m-Saertex USA  

Non-crimp fabrics made of glass, carbon and aramid fibres.  

m-Saffil Business  

Saffil alumina fibre.  

m-Saint-Gobain Icasa SA  

m-Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics GmbH  

m-Saint-Gobain Quartz SAS 

Manufacturing and sales of fused quartz/silica materials and parts. Micaver electrical mineral insulators, piezoelectric ceramics and infra-red heating.  

m-Saint-Gobain Quartz SAS  

m-Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics  

Manufacturer: roll-goods for composites, construction, electronics, geotextiles, transportation and sports uses. Also high-performance fabrics for use in reinforced plastics.  

m-Saint-Gobain Vetrotex Deutschland GmbH.  

Manufacturer of glass filament products for textile applications.  

m-Salmoiraghi SpA Automatic Handling  

Automated handling systems for partially oriented yarn, draw-textured yarn, bulked continuous filament, glass fibre plants. Doffers and Doffer-Donners for all winder types. Ground/overhead bobbin transport and temporary storage equipment.  

m-Sandler AG  

Manufacturer: nonwovens for automotive, filtration, construction, horticulture, hygiene, wipes, home furnishing and fashion applications.  m-Sanglar-Sicap SA  

m-Sanitaria Valpadana SpA(Industrie Mauriio Peruzzo)  

Production of substrates for coating, coagulation and impregnation, furnishing, footwear, synthetic leather goods, clothing, fabrics for outdoor use.  

m-Sanitized AG  

Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and odour 

protection of textiles and plastics, and house dustmite protection for home textiles.  

m-Sans Fibres (Pty) Ltd  

m-Santex AG  

m-Säteri Oy  

Viscose staple fibres for dry-laid and wet-laid nonwovens, and flame-retardant fibres. Fire barriers, insulation, upholstery and protective clothing.  

m-Sattler AG  Fabrics for awnings, solar protection, shades and tents; heavy-duty fabrics for technical applications and textile structures. Banner and sign digital media, fabric for interior and exterior design, stage sets and fair stands.  

m-Sauleda SA  

m-Scandfilter AB  

Filtration media and filters. 

m-Schaetti AG  

Plastic powder and hot-melt adhesives. Coating, laminating and hot-melt machinery.  

m-Schappe Techniques  

m-Scherf GmbH  

m-Schilgen J. GmbH & Co  

Weavers of technical fabrics, up to 520 cm wide. Raw materials ranging from natural, such as jute, to synthetic, including polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE).  

m-Schill + Seilacher Aktiengesellschaft  

Flame-retardant finishes; water- and oil-repellents; preservatives; glass fabric finishings; silicone elastomers; binders; softeners; spinning and sewing thread lubricants; and antistatic agents. 

m-Schlafhorst Zweigniederlassung  der Saurer GmbH & Co KG  

Rotor-spinning and winding machinery.  

m-Schloss Holte Tecxtil-Druck  Epping GmbH & Co KG  

m-Schmidt Hans & Co GmbH  

Tension meters and other test instruments. 

m-Schober GmbH  

Production of die-cutting, punching, sealing, creasing, embossing and heat-sealing equipment. 

m-Schoeller GmbH & Co  

Hybrid yarns and long staple yarns for technical applications. Stretch-broken para-aramid yarns from 8 to 35 tex. Long staple steel fibre blends.  

m-Schoeller Textil AG  

Fabrics and technologies for sport, fashion, protection and workwear.  

m-Scholl America Inc  

m-Schupp Industriekeramik GmbH & Co KG  

High-temperature materials and products: electric heating elements, thermal insulation materials and high-temperature textiles; process temperature control rings from 850°C to 1750°C (ThermoTube, CeraLab).  

m-Scott & Fyfe  

Manufacturer: woven and stitchbonded industrial fabrics and reinforced scrims. Also, stitchbonded paper carrier fabrics.  

m-SDL Atlas Ltd  

Machinery and Equipment: textile testing instuments and laboratory consumables.  

m-Seal SpA  

m-Seaman Corp  

m-Seamtek Inc  

Rotary hot-air welders/seam sealers. Computer-controlled rotary heat-sealers and heat-sealing control technology; consultancy, training & design.  

m-Sefar AG  

Products for process filtration, and food and beverage industries, as well as filter components for health care.  m-Sefar America Inc  

m-Seletron Srl  

m-Setila SA  

m-SGL Technic Ltd  

Producer: panacrylonitrile fibre and carbon fibre tow. Industrial applications include yarns, nonwovens, felts and components (such as disc brakes).  

m-SGL Technic Ltd  

Manufacturer: carbon fibres and oxidized fibres based on polyacrylonitrile.  

a-SGS Consumer Testing Services  

Testing, inspection, certification and consulting services for manufacturers, retailers, importers and exporters.  

a-SGS UK Ltd  

Inspection, testing and certification, including flammability testing of all types of textile materials and products. Litigation (expert witness), complaint investigation and product development project work.  

m-Shakespeare Company  

Manufacturer of fibre, polyamide polymers and conductive fibres. Fibres include polyamide, polyester and polyphenylsulphone monofilaments. Polyamide polymers include K610, 669, copolymers, terpolymers and alcohol-soluble terpolymers.  

m-Sharkie & Huntbatch  

Braiding machinery manufacturer. 

m-Shirley Technologies Ltd  

Specialized centre of excellence in textile and material testing, investigation and evaluation.  

m-Shoou Shyng Co Ltd  

m-SI Performance Technology  

Manufacturer: polypropylene fibres and roll-goods for use in road construction, waste containment, concrete reinforcement and associated industrial applications.  

m-SIAT Srl  

Producer: polyamide, polyester, polyvinyl fluoride and polypropylene monofilaments, polyurethane, and special monofilaments on customer request.  

m-Sider Arc SpA  

Wide range of monofilaments in polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), polyester (PET), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), acetal (polyoxymethylene or POM) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF) for technical uses such as filtration and screen-printing.  

m-Sierem Sarl  

Stackers and packaging machinery for hygiene products.  

m-Si-Ka-Tec GmbH  

Recycling lines for thermoplastics. Complete equipment for inline recycling of nonwoven production waste. Lines suitable for Reifenhäuser, STP Impianti and other production lines.  

m-Siltex-Flecht- u.Isoliertechnologie  Holzmüller GmbH & Co KG  

m-Sinclair Equipment Co  

m-Sioen nv  

Coated technical textiles for tarpaulins, side curtains, digital printing, architectural textiles, defence and security, pool covers, and sports mats.  


Manufacturer: roll-goods for filtration and separation, and tailoring. 

m-Siteks AS  

Manufacturer: needlepunched fabrics for automotive, geotextile and home furnishing, bedding and insulation uses. 

m-Sitip SpA  

m-Skyspan (Europe) GmbH  

Textile solutions for architectural membrane constructions.  

m-SML Maschinengesellschaft GmbH  

Extrusion technology: polypropylene multifilament spinning; breathable film; polyolefin castfilm extrusion; multilayer sheet extrusion; sleeve touch technology.  

m-Snowtex AG  

m-Sofilag (Groupe Tape Industries)  


m-Solutia Inc  

m-Sonic Italia Srl  

m-Sonobond Ultrasonics 

Machinery and equipment: ultrasonic welding, cutting and embossing machines.  

m-Southern Textile News  

A bi-weekly publication covering the US textile manufacturing industry.  

m-Southern Textile Works Inc  

Tenter pin plates; pin wheels; pin strips.  

m-Sovereign Specialty Chemicals  

Manufacturer of speciality adhesives and coatings for industrial and textile applications.  

m-Specialty Gaskets Inc  

Manufacturer of glass fibre rope, tape, insulation and high-temperature gaskets.  

a-Specification Services Ltd  

Materials testing laboratory  

m-Spin Tech International Srl  

Stretch-broken and staple fibre spun yarns of such as para- and meta aramids, oxidized polyacrylonitrile, polybenzimidazole and metal fibres; various blends for fireblocking/protection/insulation/antistatic textiles, composites and braided packing.  

m-Spinnbau GmbH  

Manufacturer of nonwoven carding equipment, airlaid machines, feeders and drafters.  

m-Spolsin Sro  

Manufacturer of fabrics for protective clothing: heat- and flame-resistant, antistatic, alkali-resistant and/or abrasion proof, and wound cartridge filters and filter fabrics. The accreditation laboratory no 1224.  

m-Springer Verlag GmbH  

m-Sprint Metal Fibers  

m-Spunchem Africa Ltd  

m-Spunfab Ltd  

Thermoplastic web adhesives for a wide range of applications.  

a-Spunlace Technology Ltd  
An independent company providing research and consultancy services to the nonwovens and fibres industries. Supplier of Hydrolace hydroentanglement systems.  

m-SSM Industries Inc  

Protective apparel fabrics for military, racing, industrial and fire-service clothing; flame, thermal and cut/slash protection. Aramid (Nomex, Kevlar), polybenzimidazole (PBI), durable flame-retardant (FR) cotton, Lenzing FR, blends and modacrylic. 

m-SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG  

m-Stabilimenti Tessili Ozella SpA  Fabrics for conveyor belts, automotive, plastics and rubber industries, for filtration, composites, building reinforcement, individual protection and ballistics, jersey industrial fabrics, and filter bags.  

m-Stabio Textil SA  

m-Stahl Europe (ehemals Stahl Holland bv)  

m-Stap AS  

m-Starlinger & Co GmbH  

Machinery for woven flexible bulk packaging and tapes for technical textiles; circular weaving, special tape extrusion and winding technology.  

m-Stäubli AG  

Cam motions and dobbies; jacquard machines and harnesses; weaving preparation systems; loom accessories; carpet systems. 

m-Stäubli Corp  

m-Steen & Co GmbH  

Producer: polypropylene and polyethylene fibres. Crimped and uncrimped staple fibres and tow.  

m-Sterling Fibers Inc  

m-Stockhausen Inc  

m-Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services  

m-Stork Prints BV department: Coating, Finishing & Laminating  Machinery builder: padding and impregnating, printing, drying, thermal-setting, coating and laminating and other finishing units and complete lines.  

m-Stotz & Co AG  

m-Stradom SA  

Producer of polypropylene round-woven and flat fabrics for industrial bags, construction, agriculture and other uses; multifilament polypropylene yarn 16.67-555.56 tex (150-5000 denier); polypropylene woven and net sacks.  m-Strayfield Fastran  Machinery and equipment: radio frequency drying equipment.  m-Streat Instruments Ltd  

Machinery builder: on-line and off-line instrumentation and control systems, specializing in moisture measurement and control.  m-Streiff Bander AG  

Manufacturing and sales of technical textile ribbons and coated elements.  

m-Strudex Fibers Ltd  

m-Struto International  

http://www.Subrenat Expansion SA  

m-Suchy Textilmaschinenbau GmbH  

Textile machinery, especially padder, vacuum de-watering machines; winders and unwinders; special machines.  

m-Sultex Ltd  

Machinery builder: rapier, projectile, air-jet, multiphase, heavy industrial and special purpose weaving machinery.  

m-Sunshine Cordage Corp  

m-Super Tex Industries  

Manufacturer of synthetic rubber cots and aprons.  

m-Surface Specialties SA In February 2003, UCB acquired the Resins, Additives and Adhesives businesses of Solutia Inc. These businesses were integrated with UCB's existing Chemicals and Films businesses to form a new UCB business sector called Surface Specialties.  

m-Surface Specialties SA  

In February 2003, UCB acquired the Resins, Additives and Adhesives businesses of Solutia Inc. These businesses were integrated with UCB's existing Chemicals and Films businesses to form a new UCB business sector called Surface Specialties.  

m-Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA)  

m-Svitap J.H.J. Sro  

Manufacturer: technical textiles and ready-made goods.  

m-Swift Adhesives Europe  

m-Swiss Shield AG  

Electromagnetic shielding textiles (Swiss Shield®) for fashion, clothing, home textiles, military and industrial applications.  m-Swisstulle AG  

Manufacturing including dyeing and finishing of Bobbinet fabrics, warp-knit and raschel fabrics up to 1700 cm wide. 

m-Swisstulle UK plc  

Manufacturer of bobbinet for use in parachutes, electromagnetic shielding, film and theatre, medical and electrically conductive applications.  

m-Sympatex Technologies GmbH


Producer and supplier of the sympatex membrane.  

m-Symtech Inc  

Distributor of textile machinery. Sells and assumes responsibility for installations, repairs, field services and spare parts.  

m-Synteen &Lückenhaus Textil-Technologie  

m-Synthetic Industries Europe Ltd  


Supplier: fibrillated polypropylene yarns from 230 denier (Synthetic Industries Inc). 

m-Szalag Es Zsinorgyar RT  

Printing and weaving ribbons, braiding, strings and other haberdasheries.  

m-Taconic Inc  

Fluoropolymer-coated fabrics. Fluoroploymer-coated conveyor belts and fluoropolymer adhesive tapes. Used in high-temperature and severe environments.  

m-TAG Schroers GmbH & Co KG  

m-Taiwan Carbon Technology Co Ltd  

m-Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF)  

Market surveys and promotion; fair organization; provides information on suppliers.  

m-Taiyo Birdair Corp  


Contractor of lightweight roofing construction using tensile membrane or traditional roof cladding.  


Fabric storage and guiding systems for finishing ranges; selvedge decurlers and trimmers; fabric slitters; stenter rail guidance and pinning/trim waste control systems.  

m-TBA Textiles Ltd  

Textile reinforcements for friction products. Yarns, felts, fabrics. Aluminized products for heat protective apparel. Fireblockers for transport seating. Packing yarns. Composite reinforcements.  

m-TC Mirafi  


Manufacturer: polypropylene geotextiles.  

m-Tebo AS  


Production of woven and knitted fabrics, including spacers; lamination of fabrics; production of knitted plush and blankets.  

m-Technical Absorbents Ltd  

Manufacturer of superabsorbent fibre and provider of nonwoven, woven and yarn 
products that contain superabsorbent fibres.  

m-Technical Absorbents Ltd  

m-Technical Fibre Products 

Manufacturer of wet-laid nonwoven tissues and mats for use in fire protection, surface engineering of reinforced plastics and composite structures, thermal insulation, fuel cells and battery separators.  

a-Technical Textiles and Polymer Innovation Unit  


Contract research and development  m-Technische Textilien Lorrach GmbH  

a-Technitex Faraday Partnership  

Focus for research, design and development of new technologies and applications in technical textiles. Training portfolio specifically designed to meet the needs of the textile industry.  

m-Technolen Technicky Textil AS  

Manufacturer: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated fabrics, tarpaulins, hydro-insulating roof foils and PES fabrics.  

m-Techtex GmbH  

m-Techtrol Inc  


m-Tecniche Nuove SpA  

a-Tecnitex Ingenieros SL  

Consulting company created with the aim of cooperating with firms in the technical textiles sector in production and innovation management.  m-Tecnorama  


Dry-laid and chemically bonded nonwovens. Absorption, elongation, flexibility, drapability and resistance can be optimized for specific applications. Treatments offered include: flame retardancy; liquid repellence (water, oil, diesel, petrol). 

m-Teijin Techno Products Ltd  

m-Teijin Twaron bv  

Producer: Twaron aramid fibre for reinforcement material in protective clothing, ballistic vests and helmets, hoses, composites, conveyor belts, optical fibre cables, transmission belts, brake linings and clutch facings.  

m-Tejidos Estambril SA  

Clothes/fabrics made of meta-aramid (Nomex) and para-aramid (Kevlar) for personal protection against mechanical and thermal hazards. Kevlar seamless and cut-and-sew gloves for mechanical and thermal protection.  

m-Teksis Tekstil Urunleri Pazarlama AS  

Thermobonded fusible interlinings; Thermobonded Fabrics Thermofixed, Calendered, Impregnated, Backcoated, Laminated) 60-1.000 g/m2;Hard andSoft PadsforSpringMattress &FurnitureIndustry400-2.000 g/m2.  

m-Telsonic Ultrasonics  

Ultrasonic welding, sealing, cutting and cleaning equipment.  

m-Temafa Maschinenfabrik GmbH  

Textile machinery: machines for fibre opening, dosing, blending and cleaning; production lines for bast fibre preparation (flax, hemp and kenaf).  

m-Temco Textilmaschinenkomponenten GmbH  

Components for textile machinery such as texturing units, interlacing jets, hollow spindles, separator and pressure rollers, online control systems, and friction and yarn guide discs.  

m-Temp-Flex Cable Inc  

Manufacturer of fine extruded fluoropolymer and polyketone monofilament fibers.  

m-TenCate Advanced Composites BV  

Weaving and coating of high performance fibres like aramid (Kevlar, Twaron), hppe (Dyneema), glass and carbon for aerospace and ballistic 
protection applications. Also produce prepregs and single- and multilayer thermoplastic laminates with the highest aerospace qualifications.  m-

Ten Cate Nicolon bv  

Textiles for road construction, for civil and hydraulic engineering, for the building industry, and for agricultural and horticultural applications.  

m-Ten Cate Permess bv  

m-Ten Cate Protect (UK)  

m-Ten Cate Protect bv  

m-Ten Cate Royal  

m-Ten Cate Technical Fabrics bv  

m-Tenax Kunststoffe GmbH 


m-Tepar Limited  

m-Tergal Fibres  

Producer: polyester staple fibres, spun-dyed range for automotive use.  

m-Terram Ltd  

Manufacturer of nonwoven roll-goods for agricultural, horticultural, construction, filtration and separation, geotextile, military and transportation uses. Specialist geocomposite manufacturer. 

m-Tespe Srl  

Textiles for thermal insulation and industrial seals in glass fibre, ceramic fibre and silica; braided packings, ropes, knitted cords, sleeves, tapes and fabrics.  

m-Tessilbrenta SRL  

Production of geotextiles and sanitary textiles.  

m-Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA  

Nonwoven fabrics: drylaid carded needlepunch polyester/polypropylene (PET/PP); drylaid carded stitchbond PET/viscose; spunbond PP.  

m-Texbond Nonwovens SpA  

Manufacturer: polypropylene spunbond nowoven and laminates for protective clothing, agriculture, roofing, construction, medical, furniture, automotive, tablecloths, quilting, filtration, mattresses and weed control. Tailor-made products.  

m-Texel Inc  

Technical Nonwoven Fabrics Manufacturer: roll-goods for agricultural, footwear, geotextile, filtration and various industrial uses. runs textile and apparel vertical nets. provides textile and allied industry professionals an efficient tool for locating the information, products and services they need via the World Wide Web.  

m-Texpack Srl  

m-Textest AG  

Quality control instruments. The main focus is on air permeability (especially on-line), hydrostatic head, and Elmendorf tearing strength testing.  
m-Textil Bau GmbH  

Planning and production of textile membranes.  

a-Textile Federation of South Africa  

Association: official organization representing the spinning, knitting, weaving and synthetic fibre producing industries of South Africa.  
a-Textiles and Nonwovens Development Center (TANDEC)  

Educational establishment: research.  

p-Textiles Intelligence  

Textiles market reports  m-Textiles Panamericanos  

m-Textiles Tape Corp  

Manufacturer specializing in reinforcements as well as custom coating and slitting.  

p-TextileWeb Inc  

m-Textilexpo JSC  

m-Textilforschungsinstitut Thüringen Vogtland eV  

m-Textor Pty Ltd  

Roll goods manufacturer servicing the health care, hygiene, automotive, filtration and food packaging markets.  

m-Tharreau Industries  

m-The Fashiondex Inc  

Publishers of apparel and textile industry sourcebooks, handbooks, dictionaries and more.  

m-The Rossendale Combining Co Ltd 

Manufacturer: polyester and polyether polyurethane foams for automotive sound absorption and other uses.  

m-The Specialty Group Ltd  

Manufacturer: roll-goods for filtration, separation, medical and hygiene, safety and protection, sports and leisure, and other industrial uses. Specialist coater and laminator of textiles.  

m-The Working Group for Textile Architecture  

m-Thibeau NSC Nonwoven  

Machinery and equipment: complete carding lines and equipment for dry-laid and air-laid nonwovens, and worsted and semi-worsted spinning. 


Technical textiles.  

m-Thüringisches Institut für - Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung eV  

Cellulose; polysaccharide; fibre-reinforced composites; nanocomposites; functional polymers; development of technologies for natural and synthetic polymers; analysis, testing, characterization of plastics, fibres, textiles, composites and polymers.  


Twister and texturizer of all types of technical and fancy yarns.  

m-Titex Vertriebs- GmbH (TIZIP)  

m-Toho Rayon Co Ltd  

m-Tompkins Brothers Co Inc  

Manufacturer of small diameter circular knitting machines for rib, jersey, lacoste, terry, four-track, and knit braiding.  

m-Toom Tekstiil Ltd  

m-Toray Group,c/o Toray Deutschland GmbH  

m-Toray Industries (America) Inc  

m-Toray Industries Inc  

m-Torit DCE  

Manufacturers of dust-control equipment.  

m-Toyobo Co Ltd  

m-Toyoda Automatic Loom Works  

Machinery builder: looms and spinning machinery.  

m-Trans-Textil GmbH  

m-Trelleborg Industri AB Reinforced Materials  

m-Trevira GmbH  

Polyester fibres and filament yarns for domestic and apparel textiles, the automotive industry and technical end-uses.  

m-Trevos Textiles Ltd  

Manufacturer: technical fabrics for coating rubber, automotive, in polyamide 6.6, polyester HT, aramid, cotton, polyester/cotton etc.  

m-Truetzschler GmbH & Co KG  

Machinery builder: comprehensive ranges of fibre blow-room systems, opening, cleaning and blending equipment, carding equipment. Also fibre preparation systems for nonwovens lines, and fibre reclamation equipment.  

m-Trumeter Co Ltd  

Machinery and equipment: length and speed measuring and monitor equipment.  

a-TTI Textiles  

Consultant on process and product development, marketing strategy etc  

m-TU Dresden Institut fuer  Textil- und Bekleidungstechnik (ITB)  

m-Tuff Temp Corp  

Manufacturers high temperature, heat, abrasion resistant Kevlar, PBI textile conveyor belts, endless, pads, tapes, ropes, gaskets, tubing, and roller covers for glass and aluminum handling  


m-TWE Technische Weberei GmbH & Co  


m-Tybor SA  

m-Tytex Ireland Ltd  

Contract manufacturer: warp-knitted and circular knitted roll-goods for medical, hygiene, and various industrial applications. Customers: international healthcare companies.  

m-Ultrasonic Steckmann GmbH  

m-Ungricht Roller and Engraving Technology  

m-Unifi  Fibre producer: polyamide and polyester yarns.  

m-Unifi-Sans Technical Fibers LLC  

Spinning and drawing of polyamide filament fibres for industrial uses. 

a-Union des Constructeurs de  Matérial Textile de France (UCMTF)  

French textile machinery manufacturers' association.  

m-United Wire Ltd  

Machinery builder: process belts for nonwovens.  

m-Unitika Ltd  

Manufacturer: industrial fibres.  

a-University of Leeds  

Research and development of processes and products  a-University of Manchester  Institute of Science and Technology  

Educational establishment: research.  

a-Upkeeper Corp  

Consultations for waste management, process improvement, contamination control, as well as in-plant recycling, and health and safety.  

m-Uretek Inc  

Manufacturer: heat-sealable, polyurethane-coated and laminated fabrics.  

m-Urja Products Private Ltd 

Manufacturer: engineered industrial textiles; fibreglass (aluminium filtration); nylon; polyester for defence applications and electrical insulation; polytetrafluroethylene-coated glass cloth and conveyor belts, expansion joints and silica fabrics.  

m-US Pacific Nonwovens Industry Ltd  
Manufacturer of disposable protective apparel and products made of nonwovens for various applications.  

m-Usine Union SA  Small metal accessories: eyelets, rivets, buckles, press-buttons, rings, hooks. Setting machines, fully automatic, semi-automatic, treadle and manual. Tools.  

m-Vako bv  

m-Valmieras Glass Fibre Plc  

Manufacturer of glass fibre yarns, rovings, textured rovings, chopped strand, fabrics, nettings, needled and stitchbounded felts, high-silica fabrics and nettings.  

m-Van Besouw Kunststoffen bv  

m-Velcro GmbH  

m-Ventex Co Ltd  

m-Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG  

Manufacturer: needlepunched roll goods and pressed wool felts.  

m-Verseidag Indutex GmbH  

m-Vigona AS  

Producer of needlepunched, stitch-bonded, quilted, thermobonded and chemical bonded nonwoven textiles.  

m-Vinamul Polymers  

m-Vita Industrial Polymers  

Coated fabrics are produced using the most sophisticated plant and working to extremely fine tolerances by VitaPruf, part of Vita-Salford. These 

coated fabrics are suitable for many applications including waterproof's, personal protective equipment, inflatable boat material, military, medical, transport and diving gear like the buddy brand.  

m-Vitafibres Ltd  

Manufacturer of nonwoven polyester fibre wadding components for upholstery, bedding, apparel, automotive and medical applications in roll, cut pad and shaped forms.  

m-Vitro Fibras SA  

m-Vivelle GmbH  

Manufacturer: composite and laminated roll-goods for synthetic turf, filtration, wallcoverings, wipes, and other industrial uses.  
m-Voith Fabrics Blackburn Ltd  

Manufacturer: needlepunched press felts and woven dryer fabrics up to 10 m wide for papermaking machines.  

m-Vonex Medical Supplies  

Manufacturer of all types and sizes of bandages or adhesive strips. Distributer of different types of medical supplies. Bulk or individual Packaging.  

m-Vowalon Beschichtung GmbH  

m-W.L. Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd 

Manufacturer: permeable membranes systems.  

m-W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH  

Manufacturer: permeable membranes systems.  m-W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH  

m-W.L. Gore & Associates Inc  

m-Wacker Ceramics  

Nickel-diamond coatings (EKatex*) for open-end spinning rotors and combing rolls. 

m-Wacker-Chemie GmbH  

Wacker is a chemicals producer, with a quite important silicones products production.  

m-Wagener GmbH & Co KG  

Producer of non-crimped multiaxial fabrics mainly of glass, carbon and aramid fibres.  

m-Waxman Fibres  

European distributor of Kanecarbon flame-retardant fibre including protex  

m-Weaving & Knitting Accessories (UK) Ltd  

UK agent: accessories for shuttle, rapier, air- or water-jet weaving machines.  

m-Web Dynamics Ltd  

Low cost, high performance laminated fabrics for end use applications including medical and industrial apparel, packaging, construction, anti-allergy bedding, automotive protection and leisurewear.  

m-Web Processing (M/C) Ltd  

Textile machinery suppliers: equipment for coating, laminating and flocking of textiles, paper, film and foil. Also prepregging equipment.  

m-Weber C.F. GmbH  

m-Weber GmbH  

m-Wei Lee Knitting MFG Co Ltd  

m-Wellington Cordage Inc  

m-Wellman Inc  

m-Wellman International Ltd  

Producer: polyester staple fibres for fillings and waddings, medicare items, insulation, roofing, geotextiles, filters and abrasives, wipes and substrates.  

m-Wenzelband GmbH  

Manufacturer: straight ribbons, bias bindings, folded ribbons, perforation ribbons, feed ribbons, ready made trouser waist ribbon, woven trouser waist ribbon, pipings, pocketing qualities.  

m-Werner Mathis AG  

Manufacturer of laboratory apparatus for textile dyeing, finishing and coating.  

m-Werner Mathis USA Inc  

Sales and service organization for USA and Canada for laboratory equipment 

m-West Bridgford Machine Co Ltd  

m-Wetekam Karl Dr & Co KG  

m-Whitford Worldwide  

m-Willy Grob AG  

m-Wira Instrumentation Ltd  

Laboratory testing equipment.  

m-Wolff Cellulosics GmbH & Co KG  

m-Wonpoong Corp  

a-Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand Inc  Research and development, consultancy, educational, testing, etc  

p-World Textile Abstracts  

Publisher of World Textile Abstracts, a comprehensive textiles database that covers technical, scientific, economic and commercial publications.  

p-World Textile Publications Ltd  

Publisher of Nonwovens Report International, Textile Month and more.  

m-Wumag Texroll GmbH & Co KG  

m-Xymid LLC.

p-Zeitschriftenverlag Context.

m-Zellweger Luwa AG, Division Luwa.

Complete Solutions for Textile Air Systems; Air Treatment, Air Conduction, Cleaning and Waste Handling.

m-Zenith Pumps.

Precision metering gear pumps and systems for a wide variety of fluids. Includes corrosion-resistant, high-temperature and general purpose models.

m-Zhejiang Jinda New Materials Co Ltd.  

Geosynthetics; glass fibre/carbon/aramid fibre composites; warp-knitted garment fabrics; tarpaulins; and fabrics coated with polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

m-Zimmer AG.

Machinery and equipment: engineering contractor for fibre and polymer plant construction.

m Zimmer Machinery Corp">
Dying, printing, drying, coating, laminating and lacquering. m-Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH. Equipment for the textile and nonwoven industries. m-Zoltek Europe GmbH m-Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG Chemische Fabriken. Manufacturer of spin finishes, lubricants and coning oils for the man-made fibre industry. m-Zünd Systemtechnik AG. m-Zwick GmbH & Co KG. Machines, service and technology for mechanical tests in research and quality control. m-Zyex Ltd. Manufacturer of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) fibres. Information received by e-mail as usual. Courtesy:-Guy Kitteringham. International Newsletters Ltd. 9A Victoria Square. Droitwich. Worcestershire. WR9 8DE, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 870 1657210. Fax: +44 (0)870 1657212. My thanks to Mr.Guy Kitteringham


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