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Dear S K Ganapathi Rao

International Newsletters Ltd is pleased to announce that the keynote speaker for TCL2011, the must-attend conference on Textile Coating and Laminating which is to be held in Orlando, FL, USA on 17-18 November 2011 will be Michèle Joris Sioen, Managing Director/CEO, Sioen Industries NV, Belgium. The talk will be entitled: "Innovation - the partner to technical textiles"

A full conference brochure is now available for download here. The program, which has been assembled by Bill Smith of Industrial Textiles Associates, the founder and developer of the conference series, will include presentations on:

Production processes.

Multi-functional textiles.

Base fabric interaction.

New materials.


Nanotechnology and nanofibres.

Plasma treatment.


Specialty laminates.

The topics will be discussed in relation to:



New opportunities and applications.

Environmental impact and sustainability.

If you are in any way associated with textiles coating and laminating, as a supplier, a producer, an actual or potential end-user, an industry analyst or just someone interested in the potential of new materials, products and inventions using the rapidly developing opportunities provided by nanocoatings, new adhesive systems or other surface treatments, you cannot afford to miss this meeting. To see the kind of companies and organisations that attended TCL2010 in Cannes click here.

Although there is an early-bird rate for delegates, the limited capacity of the venue means that due to demand the previously announced deadline of 8 September cannot be guaranteed and delegates are urged to register as soon as possible.

The programme timetable is given below: To see the abstracts of the presentations visit the conference website here. To register at the discounted early-bird rate please go here.

Limited sponsorship opportunities.

There are also a number of sponsorship opportunities available, allowing your company to be highlighted throughout the To download the full conference brochure click here.run-up to the meeting and at the event itself, including table-top display exhibits. For full details click here. A table-top exhibit can be booked online at a special discounted rate if a delegate also registers at the same time.

DAY ONE: Thursday 17 November 09.00 – 16.30


Innovation - the partner in technical textiles.

Michèle Joris Sioen, Managing Director/CEO, Sioen Industries NV, Belgium.

Session 1

Environmentally conscious methods of production of laminated technical textiles Karel Lansu, Director Marketing & Sales, Klieverik Heli, The Netherlands.

Developing and processing of multifunctional technical textiles – an approach to effective product development.

Sean Hsu, Vice President, KTTEX Corporation, San Diego, CA, USA.

Base fabrics and their interaction in coatings.

Samira Farboodmanesh, Development Engineer, EMD Millipore, Bedford, MA,USA.

Panel discussion 1.

Session 2.

Sustainable alternative to PVC for use in coated fabrics & laminations Edward C. Gregor, Managing Director, Edward C. Gregor & Associates, LLC, Charlotte, NC, USA.

Nanotechnology - the myth and the reality and application to coated fabrics Daniel Hayes, Assistant Professor, Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA,USA

Practical, low-cost, production finishing of textiles using high power, atmospheric pressure plasma technology – an update.

Gary S. Selwyn, Chief Technical Officer, APJeT, Santa Fe, NM, USA

New atmospheric plasma technology for effective textile coating and lamination Rory Wolf, Enercon Industries Corporation, Menomonee Falls, WI, USA.

Novel textile coatings and laminated films containing FIR–emitting ceramics Jacques Casper, Adprotex, Gottenhouse, France.

Panel discussion 2.

Conference reception.

DAY TWO: Friday 18 November 09.00 – 16.30.

Session 3

Silicones get a new grip on technical textiles: from industrial to medical applications.

Govind Khalsa, Blue Star Silicones, Rock Hill, SC, USA.

Microencapsulation technology and applications in textiles, coatings & laminates Randy E. Meirowitz, RnD Technical Solutions, San Diego, CA, USA.

Conductive textiles based on polypyrrole and polyaniline: an innovative way of in-situ polymerization.

Amol J. Patil, The Bombay Textile Research Association, Ghatkopar (west),India.

Nanofibers for use in multifunctional textiles Laura M. Frazier, Director, SNS Nano Fiber Technology, LLC, Hudson, OH, USA.

Ultrasonic welding of coated flexible materials Volker Niebel, Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH, Aachen, Germany.

Panel discussion 3.

Session 4: Important and emerging applications A special program under development with 5-6 speakers discussing important or emerging applications for coating and laminating materials.

Panel discussion 4.

Chairman’s closing remarks.

(Program is subject to change)

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Best regards

Guy Kitteringham.

PS. To guarantee the early-bird rate please book as soon as possible by returning the conference brochure booking form available here or by registering

online here.

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