Monday, March 26, 2007

[ The Non Bye-pass Drewing Machine.]

The Rieter Draw Frame.
The third machine in the sequence of operations of Spinning the Rieter Draw Frame is one of the best in the model of draw frames manufactured in our country to help mills manufacture quality fabrics of woven textile fabrics,technical textiles or textiles for any uses es in any of the needs of the textile or technical textile Industries.
The performance of this machine is no wonder to those in the Industry with respect to any other machines,

The Comber from Rieter's. Model -RSB-D35
Used to comb cotton fibers FOR SUPER FINE YARNS AND SPECIALITY YARNS. (removes short fibers from bunch of cotton fibers which, if left in the strand of fibers will develop irregularities in the yarn manufactured.The use of this machine adds value to the product made and enhances the physical properties like feel,texture,comfort and appearance itself) Garments made out of this machines particularly knitted fabrics are superior and the output in further stages of production up to the finished end use are: Shirtings,Dress Materials for every use including yarns made out from this mixed with man made fibers and other natural fibers are very much in demand.
The critical parts of the machine cleans itself during working at the appointed time and needs no manual cleaning during working. This machine is perhaps the best in the category of similar machines made by others though the cost is very high.
Photo -Rieter.
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