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BENA TECHNODECO fabrics are fabrics which meet stringent visual and demanding technical requirements.
Examples of such fabrics are used in the following areas:
In exhibition pavilions.
In scenery and stage decoration of theatres, opera houses and concert halls.
In VIP and party tents.
Public halls.
In photo or film studios.
Background fabric.
Ceiling suspension.
Textile wall coverings.
Textile wall and separation fabrics.
Sound insulation muslin or canvas.
Shading fabric, etc.
Sewing seams in these applications have to be minimised as they affect the visual appearance of draping fabric.
Draping fabric for tents greenhouse fabrics bakery fabrics cosmetic fabric.
Broad width fabric and muslin for scenic backgrounds and stage back drops textile horizons and stage decoration like stage curtains.
Scenery and stage decoration fabric with sound insulation.
IBENA TECHNODECO fabric made from a wide variety of materials with different finishes therefore are offered in particularly wide widths to minimise the frequency of sewing seams.
Complementing the already comprehensive range of standard products, new fabrics meeting individual customer specifications and requirements are continuously being developed as part of the IBENA product development program.
IBENA's fabrics for greenhouse applications, bakery fabrics and fabrics for cosmetic applications are just a few such examples.
IBENA Textilwerke Beckmann GmbH is a vertical textile manufacturing company based in Bocholt and Rhede, Germany, with weaving, finishing and sewing facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and China.
In addition to IBENA’s own manufacturing plants in Bocholt and Rhede, (Westphalia/Germany) and their subsidiaries abroad, IBENA co-operates with companies in several countries, including Turkey, Portugal, Pakistan, Poland, India, and China, under either a licensed or partnership agreement to maintain competitiveness and to promote presence in specific markets, without compromising the IBENA brand integrity or product quality.
IBENA is divided into two divisions: Home Textiles and Industrial Textiles. For HOME TEXTILES, IBENA produces and delivers fashionable textiles for bedding equipment as well as items for Homecare products. TECHTEX, the Industrial Textile part of IBENA, is a highly specialised manufacturer of industrial fabrics for specific industrial applications.
Annual sales of IBENA exceed 100 million Euro. At present, the group has a workforce of approximately 400 fulltime employees world-wide.
Despite high labour costs in Germany, IBENA has allways managed to maintain its leadership in innovative products as well as in modern production methods. Intelligent sourcing strategies combining lower production cost in Eastern Europe or Far East with IBEN’As leadership in new product design, “short time to market” capabilities and the flexibility of German operation have allowed IBENA to maintain as a valuable and important part in the purchasing strategies of it’s customers.
Since IBENA was founded in 1826, the company has remained in the ownership of the Beckmann family until 2006. Today IBENA belongs to the Daun AG Group of companies in Rastede, Germany.
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